Who has the most 3 pointers in NCAA?

Who has the most 3 pointers in NCAA?

List of NCAA Division I men’s basketball career 3-point scoring leaders

  • Fletcher Magee of Wofford holds the all-time record, with 509 made three-point field goals.
  • JJ Redick made 457 three-pointers, third all-time in Division I.
  • Stephen Curry finished with 414 in three seasons.

Who has the best 3-point percentage in college basketball?

NCAA Basketball Player Stats – Three Point Field Goal Percentage

Rank Player Value
1 Oliver Lynch-Daniels 54.5%
2 Darius Maddox 50.6%
3 Charlie Easley 50.0%
4 Jordan Gainey 49.3%

Who has the highest PPG in NCAA?

Peter Kiss
Men’s Basketball

Rank Name PPG
Rank Name PPG
1 Peter Kiss 25.2
2 Darius McGhee 24.6
3 Antoine Davis 23.9

How many 3 pointers are in a college game?

The number of three-point makes began at 3.51 per team per game in 1986-87 and rose to a height of 7.75 makes in 2018-19. From 2018-19 to 2019-20, the drop in three-point attempts went from 22.45 to 21.69 per team, per game (-0.76 attempts), while the reduction in makes was 7.75 down to 7.26 (-0.49).

Who is the best 3-point shooter in college?

J.J. Redick was the best college three-point shooter of all time.

When did the NCAA start 3-pointers?

While certain college basketball conferences experimented with it in the early ’80s, the NCAA didn’t universally implement a 3-point line until 1986, with high school basketball following suit a year later.

Who has the most steals in college basketball?

Top 25 career steals leaders

  • Jacob Gilyard is the all-time leader in steals.
  • Juan “Pepe” Sánchez has the fifth-most steals (365).
  • Bonzi Wells finished with 347 steals.
  • Juan Dixon of Maryland recorded 333 steals.

What is a good percentage for 3-point shots?

Statistics show that for NBA basketball players, a 3-point percentage (3pt%) above 35% is good and a 3pt% above 40% is considered to be elite. A good 3-point percentage in college basketball is above 35% and an elite percentage is anything over 40%. In high school a good 3-point percentage is anything above 32%.