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What brand is Haima?

What brand is Haima?

FAW Group
FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd., trading as Haima, is a Chinese automotive manufacturing company based in Haikou, Hainan and a subsidiary of FAW Group. Its principal activity is production of passenger cars for other companies.

Who makes Haima cars?

Haima Automobile Group manufactures minivans, new energy vehicles, and other types of passenger vehicles. The company was initially established as a joint venture with Japan’s Mazda in 1992. Today, Haima has three production bases in Hainan Province, making it one of the largest car manufacturers in China.

Is Haima a Mazda?

Haima was a joint venture of Mazda and the Hainan provincial government and was founded in 1992. Their initial goal is to help Mazda produce their units for the Chinese market. In 2006, the FAW Group purchased the initial shares of Mazda, making it solely theirs.

What is the meaning of Haima?

Haima Name – Meaning & Details

Name Haima
Gender Girl
Meaning An avatar of Goddess Parvati
Origin Indian
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What is meaning of Haima in Urdu?

Haima name meaning in Urdu is “محبت کی متوالی، پیار میں دیوانی،متلاشی”. In English, Haima name meaning is “Recurring Love”.

What does name Haima mean?

The meaning of Haima is ‘Goddess Parvati, Snow. ‘ Its Pronunciation is Haima, Hai-ma. Haima in Hindi Language written like हैमां . Haima Origin / Usage is ‘ Indian Baby Names ‘ .

What is the history of Haima Automobile?

Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. is a joint stock limited company established on the basis of Haikou Industrial Construction and Development Corporation on January 26th, 1993, approved by Qiong Banzi (1993) No. 1 of Hainan Provincial Joint Stock system pilot leading Group Office.

What is a Haima?

Haima is a new breed of passenger vehicles that successfully combines fuel efficiency, style, and affordability established in 1988 at Hainan, China. Built on an international bar of manufacturing standards, intensive research and modern innovations, Haima has been steadily building its name from China to the rest of the world.

What is the Haima stock company?

In 2007, the Haima Stock Company accomplished the strategic layout of Haima Automobile in Central China’s automobile market and launch the new FSTAR brand by reorganization of Zhengzhou Light Automobile Co., Ltd., expansion of production capacity and R&D of new products.

Is Haima China’s No 1 Manufacturing Company?

As a state-designated passenger vehicle manufacturing complex, Haima has played an important role in China ‘s manufacturing industry, ranking among the Top 500 of China’s industrial enterprises, and the Top 100 of China’s machinery industrial enterprises.