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What is WCDMA GSM network?

What is WCDMA GSM network?

WCDMA is the 3G network that uses radiofrequency to transfer data in the form of calls, messages, or the internet which is also called UMTS. GSM represents 2G networks that were developed way before WCDMA and helps to transfer data through radio technology in the system.

What is GSM and WCDMA difference?

WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiplexing Access) and GSM are two technologies that are used in mobile telecommunications. The difference between these two is that GSM is a 2G technology and WCDMA is a part of the newer 3G group of technologies.

Is GSM same as 4G?

LTE is used to provide high-speed data services as well as voice call services whereas, GSM is used to provide low-speed data services and voice call services. LTE uses the fourth-generation (4G) communication standard whereas GSM uses both the second-generation(2G) as well as third-generation(3G).


WCDMA only – The GSM phone is capable of using only 3G data communication. When the 3G signal is too low you get nothing at all. GSM auto (PRL) – The GSM phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 2G is favored more.

Which carrier uses WCDMA?

WCDMA was the 3G technology used in the US by AT and T-Mobile. There are several newer upgrades to WCDMA that offer much faster data speeds, such as HSDPA and HSPA+. These do not replace WCDMA, but rather build on and enhance WCDMA. Therefore any phone with HSDPA or HSPA+ also includes WCDMA by definition.


If you select LTE/GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode), your mobile phone automatically switches between the two network modes provided you’re within range of a 3G or 4G network. If you select GSM only, you can’t achieve high data speeds. If you select WCDMA only, your mobile phone can only connect to 3G networks.

What band is WCDMA 850?

UMTS-FDD frequency bands and channel bandwidths

UTRA band ƒ (MHz) Common name
4 1700 AWS-1
5 850 CLR
6 800 UMTS 800
7 2600 IMT-E

What is WCDMA preferred?

WCDMA preferred – Same as “GSM/WCDMA (auto connect)”. Both 2G and 3G data capability, 3G favored more when signal strength is low. GSM auto (PRL) – 2G is favored more when signal strength is low. Both 2G and 3G data. CDMA auto (PRL) – both 2G and 3G, 2G (CDMA) is favored more when signal strenth is low.

Who uses band 41?

A relatively high-frequency radio band. In the US, it is used exclusively by Sprint. Sprint uses this band for 4G LTE, and also launched 5G in this band in mid-2019.

Why is 3G also called WCDMA?

WCDMA stands for wide band code division multiple access. This is one of the radio access technologies in the UMTS network which is widely known as 3G. WCDMA operates in a 5 MHz spectrum at a chip rate of 3.84 Mcps. There are two variats here, Frequncy division duplex and Time Division Duplex.

What is the difference between 3G and Next G?

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What carriers use WCDMA?


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  • How to change 3G?

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