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What song is played at the end of Twilight?

What song is played at the end of Twilight?

11 Linkin Park – Leave Out All The Rest This was the epic song that played during the end credits of the first Twilight film setting the scene for the series still to come.

What song is played at the end of Twilight Breaking Dawn 2?

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Video “Christina Perri – A Thousand Years” Ending.

Is there an end credit scene in Twilight?

There are no extras after the credits of Twilight.

What movie was a thousand years used in?

Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years,” a romantic song about the fear of falling in love, is a sleeper hit. It played during the credits of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1, but after fans heard it on the movie’s soundtrack, they adopted it as the song to stand for Bella and Edward’s romance.

Who does ARO want in Breaking Dawn?

Aro desperately wants Edward, Alice, and Bella to join the Volturi, but in the end, he is genuinely saddened to lose Carlisle’s friendship and hopes to regain it, and he’s relieved that is all he lost; Aro is fully aware that the outcome could have been a great deal worse. Aro witnesses his own death in Alice’s vision.

What did the Cullens have that Aro wanted?

Aro always wanted power, and because he himself had a potent mind-reading gift, he hoped his biological sister would also be gifted in a way that would help him rise in the vampire world. It turned out that Didyme did have a gift; she carried with her an aura of happiness that affected everyone who came near her.

What music does Bella Swan listen to?

Fans have begun to share the scene in the new book where Edward and Bella bond over Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. In the scene, Edward asks Bella which CD she has in her player and she responds with Hybrid Theory. Edward is also familiar with the album and readers later learn that “With You” is Bella’s favorite song.

What is the official music for the Twilight movie?

Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the official music for the 2008 film Twilight, released on November 4, 2008.

How long did it take to record The Twilight soundtrack?

^ Shipments figures based on certification alone. Carter Burwell composed and orchestrated the score for Twilight over a 9- to 10-week period, and it was recorded and mixed in about 2 weeks in late September 2008.

What song did Kristen Stewart sing in the Twilight movie?

“Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine was chosen for inclusion in the movie by actress Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan. The soundtrack won a 2009 American Music Award for Favorite Soundtrack. The CD booklet on the physical CD folds out into one of four Twilight posters.

What’s the name of the Paramore song from the Twilight soundtrack?

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