Is train available from Madurai to Coimbatore?

Is train available from Madurai to Coimbatore?

Popular Train routes to Coimbatore From Madurai to Coimbatore, the cheapest train is 16321 Ncj Cbe Express. To travel from Madurai to Coimbatore, the train takes 7hr . The train departs from Madurai MDU at 12:00:00 and arrives in Coimbatore CBE at 19:00:00. This train runs on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

What are the trains running from Coimbatore?

all trains stopping at this railway station

train no. train name departs
12788 Tirunelveli – Bilaspur SF Express 13:35
16041 Chennai – Alappuzha SF Express (PT) 03:55
16042 Alappuzha – Chennai SF Express 22:15
16043 Puducherry – Mangaluru Weekly Express (Via Salem) 01:20

Is train available from Coimbatore to Kerala?

The first train on this route is KOCHUVELI EXP and leaves Coimbatore at 00:05 am , and the last train from Coimbatore to Cochin is KANYAKUMARI EXP and leaves Coimbatore at 23:55 pm. The average time taken to connect these cities is 4:27 hours.

What is the new name of Silchar railway station?

It is one of the oldest railway station in India built under Assam Bengal Railway. The station has three platforms with a total of 14 originating trains. It serves Silchar, as well as the whole Barak Valley….Silchar railway station.

Station code SCL
Zone(s) Northeast Frontier Railway zone
Division(s) Lumding
Classification NSG–4

How do I reach Madurai from Coimbatore?

From Coimbatore, it takes 3hr 50min hours to reach Madurai. Departing at 15:10:00 from Coimbatore CBE, it arrives at 19:00:00 in Madurai. This train operates on Thur From Coimbatore to Madurai, the cheapest train is 16322 Cbe Ncj Express.

How many railway stations are there in Madurai?

In the entire city of Madurai, there are 7 railway stations. Book Now Q. For travelling from Coimbatore to Madurai, what time do trains take on this route? A. For travelling from Coimbatore to Madurai, trains take 3hr 50min on this route. Q. The journey starts from Coimbatore and ends at Madurai.

Which is the slowest train in Tamil Nadu?

A. Running between Coimbatore and Madurai Cbe Ncj Passenger is the slowest train. It departs from Coimbatore at 07:20:00 and reaches Madurai at 14:35:00. Cbe Ncj Passenger cover a distance of 302 kms.

What is the timings of Coimbatore Nagercoil SF Express?

Coimbatore Nagercoil SF Express (22668) departs from Coimbatore Jn station (CBE) at 19:20 and arrives Madurai Jn station (MDU) at 00:05 taking a total of 4 hrs 45 mints to cover the distance of 302 kms.