What is Stefano Ricci?

What is Stefano Ricci?

The sartorial tradition of STEFANO RICCI is a byword for excellence and perfection, 100% Made in Italy. The ancient Romans were the first to choose Carrara marbles to celebrate their magnificence…

What does the Eagle mean to Stefano Ricci?

Stefano Ricci S.p.A. makes use of the eagle as an emblematic trait for the brand, which is found on merchandise as well as the store mannequins which display bronze eagle heads.

What is Stefano Ricci’s new collection at Art Week style Uzbekistan?

To mark the seventh edition of Art Week Style in Uzbekistan, Stefano Ricci presented his collection at the Tashkent Circus, on the main evening of the event. The third chapter in the new creativity, it is an invitation to take a timeless journey through Italy’s hidden gems.