Does Taylor Swift still use Tumblr?

Does Taylor Swift still use Tumblr?

Taylor Swift recently deleted everything from her social media accounts except a preview for her next album. The singer is still communicating with fans on Tumblr daily. She has been liking posts from her fanbase — called Swifties — since the release of her new songs.

What are 5 interesting facts about Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift – 22 Fun Facts you Didn’t Know About the Star

  • She’s a Self-Taught Musician.
  • Taylor Grew Up on a Christmas Tree Farm.
  • She Has Over 20 Songs Dedicated to Exes.
  • Taylor’s Lucky Number is 13.
  • She Dreamt of Being a Broadway Star.
  • Taylor Made Her Debut in ‘CSI’
  • She’s a 10-Time Grammy Award Winner.

How long has Taylor Swift been Tumblr?

The artist is far from just an observer: Since taking personal control of her official Tumblr page in 2014, Swift has “liked” some 27,000 posts, stoking hype for her new songs, registering support for fan theories and lyric interpretations and signalling that she remains an ever-watchful eye to her devoted listeners.

Why did Taylor stop using Tumblr?

The famous user in question is the new patron saint of Tumblr, Taylor Swift. She might be abandoning the microblogging site after getting caught in an alleged cyberbully’s web. The drama started after Swift shared a photo of herself kissing a fan named Johnnie’s cheek at the Brit Awards last week.

How many fans did Taylor Swift have?

Originally Answered: How many fans like Taylor Swift? All of the teens, some cool adults, and then a few more millions of people. All in all, about 1.3 billion people worldwide – and probably some aliens too if they’re close enough to get our radio waves. Also, some animals dig her as well.

Why is Taylor Swift’s middle name Alison?

Taylor’s mum apparently chose the name as she wanted her daughter to have a gender neutral moniker which she believed would help her forge a successful business career.

Is Taylor Swift active?

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter….

Taylor Swift
Occupation Singer-songwriter record producer actress director businesswoman
Years active 2004–present
Works Albums singles songs performances videography
Partner(s) Joe Alwyn (2016–present)

What age group likes Taylor?

It would be easy to generalise and claim that Taylor’s primary audience is women aged 18 to 35. Without the data to back you up, your marketing efforts are destined to fail. You need to tap into the data to truly understand segments within your audience to create campaigns that have real impact.