What is po10c?

What is po10c?

Po10c IS THE ORIGINAL PURPLE PARTY SHOOTER! The legendary purple party booster to take your party to the next level! A great tasting alcohol, caffeine and taurine party drink

What are some over-the-counter cough syrup with alcohol content?

Alcohol in Cough Syrup and other Over-the-Counter Medicines Medication % Alcohol Dalidyne 61.0 Dent’s Toothache Drops 60.0 Dewitt Coldsore 90.0 Double Action Kit 60.0

What are the active ingredients in cold medicine?

Active ingredients in selected cold medicines. Product. Ingredients* (purpose) Price**. Aleve Cold and Sinus. 10 caplets. Naproxen, 200 mg (pain reliever, fever reducer) Pseudoephedrine, 120 mg (nasal decongestant)

What are the sources of blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?

Laws against driving under the influence don’t distinguish between sources of blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The alcohol can come from drinking alcoholic beverages. It can come from medicines. Or it can come from that produced naturally in the body.