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What does the sword of mystery say?

What does the sword of mystery say?

“On the River Witham sword, it is NDXOX, possibly standing for Nostrum Dominus (our Lord) or Nomine Domini (name of the Lord) followed by XOX… Perhaps these letter combinations—XOX and OXO—refer to the Holy Trinity.”

What is the biggest type of sword?

Mass 2–4 kilograms (4.4–8.8 pounds)
Length up to 213 centimetres (84 inches)
Blade type Double-edged, straight bladed
Hilt type Two-handed cruciform, with pommel

Where is the medieval sword of mystery?

River Witham
A medieval sword inscribed with a mysterious message is stumping researchers and causing a stir among armchair historians. The 13th-century weapon was found in the River Witham in Lincolnshire, in the United Kingdom, in 1825.

What is the inscription on the magical sword of King Arthur?

In some versions, Excalibur’s blade was engraved with phrases on opposite sides: “Take me up” and “Cast me away” (or similar). In addition, it said that when Excalibur was first drawn in combat, in the first battle testing Arthur’s sovereignty, its blade shined so bright it blinded his enemies.

What is Excalibur sword?

Excalibur, in Arthurian legend, King Arthur’s sword. As a boy, Arthur alone was able to draw the sword out of a stone in which it had been magically fixed.

What were Crusader swords made of?

The Crusader sword is made from 5160 High Carbon steel. Peened pommel and mild steel fittings.

What was the name of Lancelot’s sword?

The identity of this sword as Excalibur is made explicit in the Prose Merlin, a part of the Lancelot-Grail cycle of French romances (the Vulgate Cycle).

Who is Arthur’s wife?

Guinevere, wife of Arthur, legendary king of Britain, best known in Arthurian romance through the love that his knight Sir Lancelot bore for her.

What is the river of swords used for?

The River of Swords served as the border between the lands of Mulhorand and Unther, and, after the Spellplague, between High Imaskar and Tymanther. After the Second Sundering, the river became the common border between Mulhorand and Tymanther.

When was the River Witham knightly sword found?

The River Witham knightly sword, BM PE 1858,1116.5 was found in 1825 in the River Witham near Lincoln. is dated to the later 13th century. It is likely of German origin The blade bears an inlaid inscription reading +NDXOXCHWDRGHDXORVI+ The weapon’s length is 960 or 964 mm (38 in.) in length.

What are the lower swords?

The Lower Swords refer two two seperate rivers, the Blue Sword and the Green Sword, that converged at the ruins of Sekras. The Blue Sword was composed of fresh water, and lay entirely in the southeastern region of Unther, and later Tymanther. The Green Sword flowed from the source of the River of Swords, Azulduth, and was too salty to drink.

Where was the double-edged sword found?

The 13th-century weapon was found in the River Witham in Lincolnshire, in the United Kingdom, in 1825. ^ “Double-edged sword”. www.bl.uk. The British Library. Retrieved 13 August 2015.