What are the pros and cons of the green revolution?

What are the pros and cons of the green revolution?

List of the Biggest Pros of the Green Revolution

  • It has allowed us to produce more food.
  • Higher yields can become consistent, even in challenging conditions.
  • It creates cheaper prices for food.
  • The Green Revolution protects the environment.
  • It has furthered the disease-resistance and pest-resistance of plants.

What are the features of green revolution?

The main features of Green Revolution in India are:

  • Introduction of new and high yielding variety of seeds.
  • Increased use of fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides in order to reduce agricultural loses.
  • Increased application of fertilizers in order to enhance agricultural productivity.

What is Green Revolution and its benefits?

A large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and high-yield crop varieties is called as Green Revolution. Advantages: 1. It allows agricultural operations on a large scale. It has the potential to be able to grow any crop anywhere.

What are the impacts of green revolution in agriculture?

To enhance farm productivity green revolution increased the availability and use of fertilizers, weedicides, and pesticides to reduce any damage or loss to the crops. It also helped in promoting commercial farming in the country with the introduction of machinery and technology like harvesters, drills, tractors, etc.

What causes green revolution?

The large increase in agricultural production due to mechanised agriculture, use of High yielding variety of seeds, use of chemical fertilizers and plant protection by spraying pesticides, etc. is called Green Revolution. …

What is the important of green revolution?

Green revolution, great increase in production of food grains (especially wheat and rice) that resulted in large part from the introduction into developing countries of new, high-yielding varieties, beginning in the mid-20th century. Its early dramatic successes were in Mexico and the Indian subcontinent.

What are the importance of green revolution in India?

By agricultural development through productivity growth such as the Green Revolution, rural income can be raised and rural poverty be alleviated. Therefore the Green Revolution can contribute to the overall economic development through creating a market in rural areas for non-agricultural products and services.