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What are parts of a house roof called?

What are parts of a house roof called?

The Architectural Parts of a Pitched Roof It is flat, but pitched or on an angle. It is also called the field of the roof. Ridge: This is the top or peak of the roof, where two roof planes meet. Valley: This is where two pitched roof faces connect and project inward.

What are different parts of roof?

Eaves are the edge of a roof that runs horizontally; think of it as the gutter line.

  • Roof facets. Roof facets refer to the different sections or the sides of a roof.
  • Roof valleys and hips. Roof valleys are when two roof facets meet at a slope to form an interior angle.
  • Gable.
  • Fascia.
  • Soffit.
  • Dormer.

What holds a roof on a house?

Trusses are pre-fabricated, triangulated wooden structures used to support the roof. The alternative is to build up the roof’s frame with 2x8s and 2x10s. Trusses are quite common these days because they have five big advantages from the builder’s standpoint: Trusses are incredibly strong.

What is the top of the house roof called?

Ridge. The highest point of a pitched roof that receives the head of the spars (also called rafters or common rafters).

What is roof trim called?

Eave: A roof edge that extends past the exterior wall line at the bottom of a slope. Fascia: Vertical roof trim located along the perimeter of a building, usually below the roof level, to cover the rafter tails at the eaves and to seal off the top of the siding along the rake; also called gutter boards.

What is the roof edge called?

Eaves—The lower edge of a roof (often overhanging beyond the edge of the house). Fascia—A decorative board extending down from the roof edge either at the eave or at the rake.

What are house rafters?

A rafter is defined as one of a series of sloped structural pieces (typically wooden beams) that extend from the hip or ridge to eave, wall plate, or downslope perimeter. They’re designed to support the roof deck, shingles, and everything else that goes with the roof. Rafters are the traditional way to frame a roof.

What is the trim around a roof called?

Fascia: Vertical roof trim located along the perimeter of a building, usually below the roof level, to cover the rafter tails at the eaves and to seal off the top of the siding along the rake; also called gutter boards.

How many parts of the home are there?

One analyst suggested that there are more than 300 different components in the average home. This estimate likely counts each appliance as one component, although each would be comprised of hundreds of parts. There are three major differences between the manufacturing of an automobile and the construction of a home.

What is the base of a house called?

What is the footing of a house? The bottom part of a foundation is called a footing (or footer). The footing is generally wider than the foundation wall and is located about 12 inches below the frost line (the average depth at which soil freezes year after year).

What is a roof ridge?

Roof Ridge: The roof ridge, or ridge of a roof is the horizontal line running the length of the roof where the two roof planes meet. This intersection creates the highest point on a roof, sometimes referred to as the peak. Hip and ridge shingles are specifically designed for this part of a roof.

What are the parts of a house roof?

What are the Parts of a House Roof? Roof Decking; Ice & Water Shield; Underlayment; Starter Shingle; Shingles; Ventilation; Flashing; Roof Deck. Roof decking, also called sheathing, is the base of your roof. Decking is one of the most important parts of a house roof. It supports all of the materials on top of it.

What are the names of the roof parts?

Decking (or sheathing) Usually made from 1⁄2-inch plywood,the decking closes and reinforces the roof structure and provides a nailbed for the shingles.

  • Roof edge (or eaves edge) All the boards running along the edge of the roof or eaves. Also known as a fascia.
  • Attic.
  • Saddle.
  • Ridge.
  • Valley.
  • Underlay membrane.
  • Eaves membrane.
  • Underlay membrane.
  • Drip edge.
  • What are the different parts of a roof called?

    The eaves The eaves are the edges of the roof which overhang a vertical external wall and,normally,they jut out over the side of a building creating an

  • The gable This is the triangle at the top of a wall where two eaves meet.
  • Flashing Flashing is the material that stops water getting in around joints on the roof.
  • What are the different parts of a roof?

    – Truss: This is the framework found in the entire roof section.

  • -Covering: This is what is nailed to the rafters and stops rain,sun,wind,snow,animal droppings,dust,and dirt and other debris from entering.
  • -Rafters: These are normally made from wood but you may also find metal type.