Is Stonemouth on BritBox?

Is Stonemouth on BritBox?

Stonemouth S1 – Mystery | BritBox.

Is Stonemouth a real place?

Stewart Gilmour returns to Stonemouth, a fictional seaport town north of Aberdeen, for a funeral. It is five years since he ran away to London after a sexual indiscretion at a wedding.

Where is Stonemouth filmed?

The two-parter based on the late Iain Banks’s book was filmed mainly in the north-east town of Macduff but also on the west coast. Banks lived in North Queensferry, Fife. Stonemouth is the first dramatisation of one of the his works since his death from cancer last year.

What is Stonemouth?

A two-part adaptation of the Iain Banks novel of the same name, “Stonemouth” is a rite of passage tale set in the fictional Aberdeenshire village of Stonemouth which follows Stewart Gilmour (Christian Cooke), who returns to the village for his best friend’s funeral.

What channel is Stonemouth on?

BBC One – Stonemouth, Episode 1.

Is Stonemouth in Scotland?

Stewart Gilmore is back up from London for a funeral in the fictional east coast Scottish fishing port where he grew up, Stonemouth (BBC2).

Is Stonemouth in Ireland?

Acclaimed author Iain Banks’ novel Stonemouth is to be dramatised by BBC Scotland and Slate North for UK audiences. It will be the first TV adaptation of Banks’ work since his death in 2013. The two-part drama is a rite of passage tale set in the fictional Aberdeenshire village of Stonemouth.

What is the bridge in Stonemouth?

Scotland the Movie Location Guide – Stonemouth, South Queensferry. Several scenes show the base of the Struan Bridge (a somewhat disguised Forth Road Bridge).

Who wrote Stonemouth?

Iain BanksStonemouth / Author

What is the plot of Stonemouth?

He sets out to try and get the bottom of his friends death who also happens to be the son of the local gangster and the brother of Stewart’s ex girlfriend. Nothing great was ever achieved without danger. Stonemouth is an adaptation of Iain Banks penultimate novel. Its the first to be televised since The Crow Road.

Who is Christian Cooke in Stonemouth?

Christian Cooke is Stewart Gilmour, returning to Stonemouth, a fictional port town for the funeral of his childhood friend Callum Murston who committed suicide and who helped Stewart out as a child when a mentally deranged boy ran amok with a sword.

Who are the Chuckle Brothers in Stonemouth?

Stonemouth the town is like a place from the wild west. Its run by Don Murston and his two sons are his lackeys and enforcers. The sons are referred to at one point as the Chuckle Brothers, seemingly incompetent and lacking in brain cells.