Who made the Austin J40 pedal car?

Who made the Austin J40 pedal car?

Bill Avery and Jack Turton, two panel beaters, built the prototype in sheet steam. It was designed to show the maroon prototype at the 1,000,000 Austin Car Show in 1946 and it was based on the Austin 8 and 10 in the same era.

Where was the Austin J40 pedal car made?

“Austin J40 cars are made in a specially constructed factory at Bargoed in South Wales.

Where was the Austin factory in Bargoed?

However the factory continued to make pressings for Longbridge until 1999. Today a small housing estate covers the land on which the factory stood. Known as Pwll Yr Allt, postcode CF82 8FR. With thanks to Damon Christopher from Bargoed Library, Llyfrgell Bargod, for his help with research.

Was there an Austin factory in Wales?

Austin pedal cars were made in the specially constructed Austin Junior Car Factory at Bargoed in South Wales, which opened on 5 July 1949. It was paid for by Government funds and was intended to provide employment for disabled coal miners suffering from the lung disease, pneumoconiosis.

Where is the Austin A40 built?

Austin A40 Farina
Assembly United Kingdom Australia Mexico South Africa Netherlands
Designer Pinin Farina
Body and chassis
Class Compact car / Economy car (C)

Where were Austin A40 built?

A Brief History of the A40 Farina The A40 Farina was developed between the years 1955-58 at Longbridge under the Austin drawing office’s code ADO 8, and was intended to replace the company’s earlier A30 and A35 models.

What happened to Austin Motors?

In 1952 it was merged with Morris Motors Limited in the new holding company British Motor Corporation (BMC) Limited, keeping its separate identity. The marque Austin was used until 1987….Austin Motor Company.

Industry Automotive
Fate Merged with Morris Motors
Successor British Motor Corporation
Headquarters Longbridge, England

Who owns the Austin car brand?

AUSTIN (1905-1987) Austin was massive in the 20th century, and largely responsible for mobilising Britain with its 1922-1939 Seven, 1959 Mini, 1960s 1100/1300, and Metro. Rover discontinued the name in 1987. Owner now: Shanghai Automotive Industries Corporation.

Who made the Austin A40?

Key facts. The British Motor Corporation introduced the compact Austin A40 in 1958. Originally only available as a two-door saloon, it was intended as a replacement for the A35 from which it was derived.