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How much does makeup cost in India?

How much does makeup cost in India?

To give you a rough estimate, a makeup artist can charge anywhere between Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 5000/- per person for guest makeup in India. For your mother, sisters, and close bridesmaids, if you want to hire a quality makeup artist, the price will lean more towards the higher end of the bracket.

How much does HD makeup cost in India?

The costs for HD makeup and Airbrush makeup are pretty much the same when it comes to professional makeup artists, which is around ₹30,000 – ₹40,000 on an average.

What is the cost of bridal makeup in India?

Bridal Makeup Service Price (in Rs)

Type Price Range
Regular Bridal Makeup 8000-12000
Makeup Trial 500-1000
HD Bridal Makeup 12000-18000
Premium Bridal Makeup 15000-20000

How airbrush makeup is done?

Airbrush makeup is a professional formula and technique that involves spraying foundation directly onto the skin with an airbrush gun. The specially-formulated airbrush makeup is loaded into a handheld device and sprays out with the help of forced air in a fine mist onto the skin.

What should I charge for makeup?

How much do makeup artists charge? On average, event makeup artists generally charge $75-$125 per person for hair and makeup. Services like false lashes, glitter, and touch-ups can add to the cost. For certain special events, you want to go above and beyond your go-to looks.

Which is better Airbrush makeup or HD?

Airbrush makeup lasts longer than HD makeup and fades more quickly than a traditional makeup technique. Airbrush makeup may not be a good option for brides with dry skin, as the foundation used is less creamy. HD makeup gives a soft focus to the face and makes it look natural and less layered.

Which makeup is costly HD or airbrush?

Airbrush makeup for bridal is usually a bit more expensive than all the other traditional makeup styles. It is due to the silicon based makeup products that are sprayed on the face are usually very expensive and so is the airbrush that is one of the most important tools.

Why choose VLCC for your bridal makeup services?

With over 3 decades of experience in beauty and wellness industry, VLCC make up professionals have not only kept up with trends but set them all across. With hundreds of experts spread across the horizon, our bridal make up skills are well sought after.

What is the average course fee at VLCC Academy?

The average course fee at VLCC academy might start at Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 2,00,000. Every course demands a different set of skills, and hence the duration, as well as the costs, also vary.

What are the different types of Cosmetology courses at VLCC?

1 Aesthetics course 2 Professional Makeup Course 3 Bridal Makeup course 4 Cosmetology course 5 Hair Design course 6 Nail Art course 7 Nutrition course 8 Skin course 9 Spa Therapy course. VLCC Cosmetology course fees vary on the type of course that you choose.

What are the timings of VLCC Pitampura courses?

Usual batches are scheduled in the time slot of 10.00 AM to 6.00 AM, while fast track courses are also available. Online training is also available for a few advanced level courses. However, this is not applicable for every course at VLCC. 1. VLCC Institute Pitampura