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How many endings does Ao Oni have?

How many endings does Ao Oni have?

nine endings
Branching paths is the main gimmick of Ao Oni X, your choices will change the way the story goes, the game has nine endings, and three ending classifications: -Normal Ending: Any other ending that doesn’t fall in the other categories.

Can you save everyone Ao Oni?

The player can climb the rope ladder without rescuing all (or any) friends. All that the player sees is a short series of messages. Hiroshi admits that he never saw his friends again, implying that they died in the mansion.

Can you save Mika in Ao Oni?

Mika is found in the kid’s bedroom hiding behind a bed and she will refuse to leave the mansion without Takuro. Mika does not leave this location for the remainder of the game, although Hiroshi can return at the end of the game to rescue her, she is not shown in the epilogue and she is not mentioned again.

Can you save Takuro Ao Oni?

Takuro is not seen again until the first encounter with him in the archive room. It is possible to rescue him at the end by traveling all the way back to the library and speaking with him in the corner.

What was Ao Oni made with?

RPG Maker XP
Ao Oni

Engine RPG Maker XP
Platform Microsoft Windows
Released November 2007
Light novel

Who is Ao Oni face?

Ao Oni’s face is nearly identical to that of a human, sans proportion-wise. It bears a large downwards-projecting nose and two enormous eyes, one bigger than the other. The body seems to have no balls, save for a few certain cut-scenes in which hands do appear up close.

Is Ao Oni real?

Ao Oni (青鬼, lit. ‘Blue Demon’) is a freeware role-playing horror video game. The game features puzzle and RPG elements, and revolves around a teenager named Hiroshi, who is trapped with his friends in a haunted mansion, and is stalked by a blue demon….Ao Oni.

Published 2 July 2014
Volumes 1
Ao Oni Motomoto-Hen

Where is the door knob on Ao Oni?

Takuro will enter the room and have a short conversation with Hiroshi. He will then leave the room. Face the door, open the Item screen and use the Item “Phillip’s Head Screwdriver”. Hiroshi will obtain a doorknob.

What is the monster in Ao Oni?

The Ao Oni (lit. “Blue Demon”) is the titular demon from the video game of the same name. It is a lavender-skinned humanoid creature with a large distorted head, large, glassy eyes, black hair, a bent nose, and a tiny, featureless body.

What is the story of Ao Oni?

The Main character, Hiroshi, and his three other friends,Takuro,Takeshi and Mika, decided to visit an abandoned mansion that is rumoured to be haunted, and there is a monster in there. Add fileAo Oni v5.2 (English) Location Games: Ao Oni: Files Filename Ao_Oni_ver.5.2_-_English.exe Category Full Version Uploader TheUnbeholden Added

What version of Ao Oni is the Haunted Mansion mod?

Ao Oni v5.2 (English) file – Ao Oni – Mod DB Hiroshi, and his three other friends, Takuro, Takeshi and Mika, decided to visit an abandoned mansion that is rumoured to be haunted. Hello guest registeror sign in or with: Ao Oni v5.2 (English) file – Ao Oni

When did Ao Oni RPG Maker XP commercial release?

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