How do I view Citrix logs?

How do I view Citrix logs?

Any events that are generated are written to the StoreFront application log, which can be viewed using Event Viewer under either Application and Services Logs > Citrix Delivery Services or Windows Logs > Application.

What is Citrix web interface?

Citrix Web Interface is an essential component that allows remote clients to access applications and full desktops published by a central server using a web browser or an online plug-in. Officially, it has been available for the general public since 2008, however, earlier it was called NFuse.

How do I get Citrix CDF logs?

Use the Local System account

  1. Click Run from the Start menu.
  2. Type services.msc in the dialog box and click OK.
  3. Select the Citrix Diagnostics Facility COM Server service and choose Properties.
  4. Click the Log On tab and enable the Local System account. Then click OK.
  5. Restart the service.

Where are Citrix workspace logs stored?

Citrix Workspace App

Log File Purpose Location
SelfService.log Receiver Logging – SelfService %localappdata%\Citrix\SelfService
trace-pnsson.log Single Sign On logs C:\Program Files(x86)\Citrix\Online Plugin\Logs(custom path can be set)
Receiver_Browser.log Receiver Logging – Browser %localappdata%\Citrix\Browser

What is Citrix StoreFront used for?

Citrix StoreFront is an enterprise app store for users that aggregates and presents virtual app and desktop resources from on-premises and hybrid deployments—delivering a near-native user experience across Citrix Workspace app (formerly Citrix Receiver) on any platform.

What are Citrix CDF logs?

CDF logs are used for troubleshooting purposes within the Citrix software(s). Citrix Support will use the CDF traces to identify issues with Application/Desktop brokering, user authentication, Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) registration, and a plethora of other items.

What is web interface in Citrix?

Web Interface 5.4 The Web Interface provides users with access to XenApp applications and content and XenDesktop virtual desktops. Users access their resources through a standard Web browser or through the Citrix online plug-in. In This Section

What is a Citrix Access Gateway?

Citrix Access Gateway is a universal SSL virtual private network (VPN) appliance that, together with the Web Interface, provides a single, secure point of access to any information resource—both data and voice.

How to trust the servers running the Citrix XML service?

To trust the servers running the Web Interface and the Citrix XML Service for delegation 1. Log on to the domain controller as a domain administrator and open the MMC Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. 2. On the View menu, click Advanced Features. 3. In the left pane, click the Computers node and select the Web server. 4.

How do I configure secure access in Citrix web interface?

However, if you are using the Access Gateway, Secure Gateway, or a firewall in your deployment, you can use the Secure Access task in the Citrix Web Interface Management console to configure the Web Interface to include the appropriate settings. You can also configure different access methods for different groups of users.