How do I reset my Neff extractor fan?

How do I reset my Neff extractor fan?

While the saturation display is flashing, it can be reset. To do this, press the – button. When the fan is switched off, press the # and + at the same time for approx. three seconds.

Why has my cooker hood stopped working?

If your extractor isn’t working it could most likely be the motor which has broken and will undoubtedly require replacing. Often it can actually be the ventilation itself preventing the extractor performing properly.

Is there a fuse in a cooker hood?

You’re supposed to have a fused spur/isolation switch on a cooker hood. They often put it above the hood, and then cover it with the chimney cover, so try taking that off and see if it’s behind there. Otherwise it should be nearby on a wall somewhere, or maybe stashed inside a cupboard.

Why is my Neff extractor fan beeping?

The appliance will emit a beep to confirm that a button has been pressed. Note: Switch on the extractor hood when you start cooking and switch it off again several minutes after you have finished cooking. This is the most effective way of removing the kitchen fumes.

Do extractor fans have fuses?

The box you are describing does not contain a fuse. It’s called a fan isolator. These are put in so that the fan can be switched off without having to turn the entire lighting circuit off. Inside there is a permanent live, used for the timer function, a switched live connected to the light and a neutral.

Why is my extractor fan beeping?

How do I know if my kitchen extractor fan is working?

A suction test can be done by checking that the air outlet at the top of the cooker hood is working properly. An easy way to do this is to get a banknote or light piece of paper, and hold it up to the grease filter grill (the part with holes on it). This is found on the underside of the cooker hood.

Why does my extract fan stop working when lights come on?

Have the lights and the fan stopped working. If so its usually one of the lamps has popped and taken out the fuse in the FCU for the extract fan. Is that what you meant by

How can I get help with my Neff appliance?

Whether you need advice about your NEFF appliances, help solving problems, or to give us feedback about our appliances and services, we’re here for you. With a MyNEFF account you can receive the latest news and offers from NEFF, as well as receive important safety information about your appliance.

Why won’t my extract Hood work?

If there is power there then there is a fault in the extract hood itself and you’d need to trace the power round the appliance. Maybe there is a faulty switch. Some of them only work when teh door/flap is opened – this is operated by a microswitch and they can stick/break. There’s lots of different types.