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Why was Creepy Crawlers discontinued?

Why was Creepy Crawlers discontinued?

Still, safety concerns and the natural lifespan of toy fads doomed Creepy Crawlers to nostalgia during the 80s. Mattel discontinued the toy in 1978. But the nation wasn’t without it for long. It was a sense of nostalgia that led Toymax to give Creepy Crawlers another try in 1992.

Can you make Creepy Crawlers in the oven?

Any brand of goop made for the Creepy Crawler molds will bake or cure at 325-350 degrees F. How long it needs to bake is determined by the thickness of the mold and goop.

What was Creepy Crawlers goop made of?

Thingmaker, also called Creepy Crawlers, is an activity toy made by Mattel, beginning in 1964. The toy consists of a series of die-cast metal moulds resembling various bug-like creatures, into which is poured a liquid chemical substance called “Plasti-Goop”, which comes in assorted colours.

Can you make your own creepy crawler goop?

To make a Creepy Crawler, you squeezed a heat-setting liquid plastic, called Plastigoop, into a metal mold of insects and other vermin. Then you put the mold into an electrically heated unit called a Thingmaker. When the Plastigoop hardened, you pulled the bugs out of the mold and marveled at them.

How do you make a creepy crawler bug goop?

Pour 1/2 cup of plastisol into a microwave-safe measuring cup. Heat this in the microwave for 60 seconds. Stir the mixture with a heat-safe stir stick. Reheat the mixture in the cup for another 30 seconds.

How do you make fake goop?

How do you make oobleck?

  1. Mix your cornstarch and water measurements together and that is it!
  2. If you’d like to add a bit of color to your goop, add the measurements into however many trays and mix the colors in.
  3. Then, mix all of the colors together to make a colored cornstarch goop (this is the way we did it!) 🙂

Was Super Elastic Bubble Plastic toxic?

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic Of course not. The bubbles contained chemicals like polyvinyl acetate (found in glue) and ethyl acetate (found in nail polish remover). And if you inhaled it, you got a mouthful of toxic fumes. It’s no wonder the toy was discontinued in the 1980s.