Why is Kashmir so beautiful?

Why is Kashmir so beautiful?

– it depends on geography and climate of the area – KASHMIR have good climate that IS why it is paradise of INDIA – KASHMIR have beautiful girls

Which city is largest city of Kashmir?

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  • Is it safe to travel to Kashmir?

    Tourists are absolutely safe in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the states where there is zero crime record against tourists. The locals are very supportive and helpful towards tourists.

    Where is Kashmir on the map?

    Geography. A map of the disputed Kashmir region created by the US Central Intelligence Agency and hosted by the University of Texas-Austin Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection; altered to show new

  • Wildlife. Snow leopards in Hemis National Park,Kashmir,India.
  • Brief History. Ruins of the ancient Hindu Martand Sun Temple,Jammu and Kashmir,India.
  • What is the most beautiful place in Kashmir?

    This town is just 28 Kms from Jammu city lying in the PirPanjal Range.

  • LoC passes through it.
  • It is also known as Virat Nagar.
  • The northernmost site of Indus Valley Civilization i.e.,Manda is in Akhnoor.
  • There are famous Buddhist Excavation Sites in Akhnoor where many of excavations during the times of Ashoka and Harshvardhana were found.
  • What is the saddest thing about Kashmir?

    Clarification: The Indian government is reaping the Kashmiri dissent after decades of oppression. In view of Republic Day of India, mobile internet services were suspended across Kashmir. Traffic remained off the roads and all major markets were shut down. View from Afarwat (Phase-2 of Gulmarg Gondola) on a sunny winter day.

    What is the best season to visit Kashmir?

    Srinagar has a cool and pleasant climate throughout the summer season.

  • You can explore the entire city comfortably without any hiccups.
  • Travelers can witness the real beauty of Kashmir.
  • Spectacular beauty of the city can be enjoyed during these months.