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Why is cultural self-awareness important?

Why is cultural self-awareness important?

Understanding and becoming aware of one’s own cultural values, beliefs, attitudes and judgments becomes central when we have to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. Because these values and beliefs shape our perceptions, they define the way we see the world.

What is global understanding course?

The Global Understanding course is GPE’s Signature Program. Bi-weekly, real-time, student led video conference discussions, chat, and collaborative projects provide high-impact, global experiences that help students build the skills, knowledge, and flexibility necessary to thrive in an interconnected world.

What is global understanding?

To be “globally competitive” in the 21st century requires global understanding — that is to say a thorough understanding of developments around the world, and of the way local experiences are impacted by broader global patterns.

How can cultural self-awareness be improved?

So here are seven things you can do to promote cultural literacy and awareness in your business.

  1. Get training for global citizenship.
  2. Bridge the culture gap with good communication skills.
  3. Practice good manners.
  4. Celebrate traditional holidays, festivals, and food.
  5. Observe and listen to foreign customers and colleagues.

What is cultural awareness in the workplace?

Cultural awareness is sensitivity to the similarities and differences that exist between two different cultures and the use of this sensitivity in effective communication with members of another cultural group. It means working from the cultural perspective of the other person, not from your own perspective.

What is global self awareness?

Global Self-Awareness is the process through which students develop an understanding of the relationships between and interconnectedness of the self, local and global communities, and the natural and physical world.

What is Mason core?

The Mason Core is Mason’s general education program that builds the foundation for The Mason Graduate. The Mason Core prepares students for work in their majors and minors, for their careers, and for life-long learning. Foundation courses build key knowledge and skills needed for academic success.