Why does Meursault say not my fault?

Why does Meursault say not my fault?

In the first selection from Part I, Chapter 2, Meursault seems disengaged as he discusses his employer’s dislike of his having four day’s off, adding dispassionately, “it wasn’t my fault if Mother was buried….” The tone of this statement indicates Meursault’s passive acceptance of the inevitability of death, although …

How does Meursault feel about death?

Meursault believes that death is inevitable, which is what makes all men equal. He also does not believe in an afterlife, which leads to conflict with the chaplain. In the novel, Meursault comes to the conclusion that no matter what a human does, it has no impact on the world or his/her fate of dieing in the end.

Do you want my life to be meaningless the stranger?

Explanation and Analysis: He said it was impossible; all men believed in God, even those who turn their backs on him. That was his belief, and if he were ever to doubt it, his life would become meaningless. “Do you want my life to be meaningless?” he shouted.

What is Meursault relationship with his mother?

Meursault and his mother have a pretty distant relationship, as Meursault sent his mother to a home and then didn’t visit her much because it was inconvenient. While at his mother’s funeral, Meursault then didn’t express much grief in the way that society expected him to.

What does Meursault recall about his mother’s funeral?

He falls asleep again and, when he wakes again, smokes in bed until midday. Recall that on the bus, traveling to his mother’s funeral, Meursault was so sleepy he could hardly keep his eyes open; in fact, he thinks he dozed off for a while. He lives rather like an animal; if he’s sleepy, he dozes.

What does Meursault do during the vigil for his mother?

Meursault spends the night keeping vigil over his mother’s body. The caretaker offers him a cup of coffee, and, in turn, Meursault gives the caretaker a cigarette. Perez and Meursault’s mother had become nearly inseparable before she died.

What did Meursault wish for on the day of his death?

Meursault finds that he is also happy with his position in society. He does not mind being a loathed criminal. He only wishes for companionship, “to feel less alone.” He accepts that this companionship will take the form of an angry mob on his execution day.

Does Meursault die?

Meursault is found guilty and sentenced to death by guillotine. When asked whether he has anything to add, Meursault says no and is promptly taken away. Back in prison, Meursault refuses three times to see the chaplain.

Why does Meursault start talking to himself?

Meursault’s actions signal his emerging self-awareness and self-consciousness. In prison, he is growing to understand himself and his beliefs more and more. He decides that he could get used to any living situation, even living in a tree trunk, for example.

Why is Marie attracted to Meursault?

Character Analysis Marie Like Meursault, she has had rather unimportant jobs: he is a clerk, she was a typist. She is attracted to Meursault because he enjoys many things that she does and also because he is a little “different.” When Meursault agrees to marry her, Marie is happy.

How does Meursault spend his time in jail?

Meursault talks about how he passes his time whilst in prison: he remembers all the tiny details about his apartment (and discovering things about it that he never before realised from these memories alone), he sleeps for 16-18 hours a day, he reads a newspaper story about a Czechoslovakian man he found between his …

What Meursault thinks about life?

After his encounter with the chaplain, Meursault concludes that the universe is, like him, totally indifferent to human life. He decides that people’s lives have no grand meaning or importance, and that their actions, their comings and goings, have no effect on the world.

What was Meursault guilty of?

Meursault is found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to death by guillotine.

Who does Meursault meet the day after his mother is buried?


Why did Meursault sleep so much?

Meursault also sleeps a lot, kind of like his non-prison days, because it helps passing (and losing all sense of) time. His days end up flowing into one another.

How old does Meursault say that his mother was at the time of her death?

Chapter 3 Summary: Meursault returns to work and works hard. The boss is kind. He is relieved to find that Maman was “about sixty” when she died.

Why is Meursault emotionless?

Meursault is different from society mentally and emotionally, and society does not even see him as a living being in the ways he shows his emotionless features. Meursault shows no emotions due to the fact that he does not have any meaning in life.

How does Meursault react when Marie asks him if he loves her?

Marie asks Meursault if he wants to marry her. Meursault replies that it makes no difference to him. When she asks Meursault if he loves her, he again replies that though it does not mean anything, he probably does not love her. Marie thinks he is peculiar, but decides that she wants to marry him nonetheless.

Why does Meursault think his case is pretty simple?

meursault told the magistrate he thought his case was “pretty simple” and that he didn’t see the need for an attorney. how do you suppose he views his case? mersault does not understand the severity of his crime. he does not seem to feel guilty about his crime, or even recognize himself as a criminal.