Why does Iago use sexist language?

Why does Iago use sexist language?

The ways in which the male characters discuss women reveal the patriarchal context of the play. Iago sneers that Cassio is ‘A fellow almost damned in a fair wife’ (line 20). This casual sexism helps to establish Iago’s misogyny, which he will use to infect Othello’s mind.

What does Iago speak in?

blank verse

Why does Emilia speak the phrase my husband three times?

Why does Emilia repeat the phrase “My husband!” three times? When she says that her husband lied about Desdemona being unfaithful and then she insults him by saying that he didn’t deserve Desdemona. Emilia defies Othello, despite the fact her life is at risk.

Why does Iago repeat Put money in thy purse?

Iago repeats the line many times throughout his speech to Roderigo. He is saying to put money in Roderigo’s wallet. That money is to win over Desdemona’s love. Iago thinks that money will tempt her to leave her husband, Othello.

Why did Desdemona think her husband might be so angry?

desdemona said she did not do any of what othello was accusing her of. he is angry because iago promised him desdemona and he has gone broke by giving away all of his money and still has not gotten anything in return. he threatens iago by saying he will not work for him anymore and he challenges him to a duel.

Why Roderigo is jealous of Othello?

Throughout the play, Roderigo becomes jealous of Othello after he learns that he has married Desdemona. Roderigo even contemplates committing suicide after Desdemona marries Othello. It is jealousy that fuels Roderigo’s hatred for Othello.

Why is Roderigo angry with Iago act4?

Roderigo is angry because he has given Iago the majority of his wealth and his saw little reward. He threatens to demand for the jewels to be given back from Desdemona but she cant give them back because she never received them, this would reveal that Iago has been stealing his money.

How would you characterize the difference between the way Othello and Iago talk?

How would you characterize the difference between the way Othello and Iago talk, both in their subject matter and their style? Iago speaks mischievously and Othello speaks poetically. Iago also hates Othello because he heard his wife cheated on him with Othello.