Why did Wassabi Productions quit?

Why did Wassabi Productions quit?

29-year-old Alex admitted that the reason for his break was that he was feeling burnt out. “I feel less creative,” he explained. “I don’t have the same urge to create that I used to.”

Is Alex from Wassabi Productions Filipino?

Alex Wassabi on Twitter: “I’m half white, half Filipino, & half flower” / Twitter.

Is Alex Wassabi on iCarly?

I’m in the NEW iCarly Reboot! Alex Wassabi is most know for his YouTube channel, Wassabi. Alex Wassabi posted a video on YouTube about his appearance on iCarly.

How tall is Alex Wass?

Alex Wassabi Wiki

Alex Wassabi Wiki & Biography
Height in meters 1.75 m
Height in Inches 5 feet 9 inches
Weight in Kilograms 72 kg
Weight in Pounds 158 lbs

Why did Alex Wassabi and guava juice break up?

Now, however, the two creators are going their separate ways. Roi, citing fatigue, has decided to leave Wassabi Productions, with Alex staying on to run the channel. Alex Wassabi discussed his former filmmaking partner’s decision in a vlog he released on his personal channel.

Why did guava juice leave wassabi?

In January 2016, Roi decided to leave Wassabi Productions in order to pursue his other passions, especially on his gaming channel, Guava Juice.

Who is Rolanda Wassabi?

‘Rolanda is a female character in Wassabi Productions and she has a degree of being sexy, unfortunately Alex hypnotizes people to tell her that her face is not symmetrical. Her full name is Rolanda Wassabi.

How old is Alex Wassabi?

32 years (March 28, 1990)Alex Wassabi / Age

Does Alex Wassabi have a twin?

Alex Burriss, known as Alex Wassabi on social media, was born in Great Fall, Montana on March 28, 1990. He has two brothers, Andre and Aaron, who are also popular vloggers online. In addition, he had one sister named Mariah.

How old is wassabi?

age 30
Roi Fabito (born: August 21, 1991 (1991-08-21) [age 30]), better known online as Guava Juice (formerly aynakoitsroi and Roi Wassabi), is a Filipino-American YouTuber known for his challenge vlog videos, challenges, DIYs and experiments, as well as being a member of the channel Wassabi Productions before his departure …

Who is ROI wassabi?

Roi Wassabi, also known as Roi or Roi Fabito, is a YouTube star who runs a gaming channel called Guava Juice and his very own vlogging channel named after him. He is also the co-founder of Wassabi Productions, which he was formerly one half in charge of.

What is the story of Wassabi productions?

In 2005, Roi decided to make videos with his friends, Robby and Matt, using his parents’ camera that his parents didn’t use often; this was the establishment of Wassabi Productions. One day, Roi asked Alex if he wanted to make a video with him.

What happened to Alex Wassabi and Roi Wassabi?

The channel was created and originally owned by Roi Fabito (Roi Wassabi), and Alex joined soon after. In 2016, Roi left the channel to pursue his personal gaming channel (Guava Juice), leaving Alex as the sole owner.

What is Wassabi Wednesdays?

Roi and Alex, as Wassabi, traveled to Florida, Los Angeles, and all over the world, meeting fans, doing shows, and going on adventures. Roi and Alex decided to produce videos weekly and post them on Wassabi Wednesdays. Their objective is to make people laugh and inspire Wassabians.

What is Wassabi boy?

Alex eventually became a Wassabi Boy. In 2006, Youtube was created, so that’s where they posted their videos in order to share them with their family and friends. Not only their family and friends loved their videos, but a lot of people from around the world did; their videos have been getting a lot of views.