Who plays Mufasa in The Lion King Broadway?

Who plays Mufasa in The Lion King Broadway?

Original casts

Character Broadway West End
Mufasa Samuel E. Wright Cornell John
Young Simba Scott Irby-Ranniar Luke Youngblood
Young Nala Kajuana Shuford Dominique Moore
Simba Jason Raize Roger Wright

Who played Simba in The Lion King Broadway?

Brandon A. McCall
Brandon A. McCall, who starred in the musical’s North American tour as Simba, stepped into the role on Broadway. Also new to the cast are Vince Ermita and Corey J., who alternate as Young Simba, and Alayna Martus and Sydney Elise Russell, who alternate as Young Nala.

Who plays Scar in The Lion King musical London?

The newcomers join a uniquely international company from 17 countries around the world, led by George Asprey as Scar, David Blake as Banzai, Janique Charles as Nala, Gugwana Dlamini as Rafiki, Shaun Escoffery as Mufasa, Gary Jordan as Zazu, Jamie McGregor as Timon, Melone M’Kenzy as Shenzi and Mark Roper as Pumbaa.

Where do Simba and Mufasa live?

Cloud Forest. “Mount Kenya was the site of the Cloud Forest, the world of Hakuna Matata,” says Chinlund. “This is where Simba lives with Pumba and Timon, and sees ‘Cloud Mufasa’.” Chinlund specifically mentions the forested setting of Serena Mountain Lodge, with its mountain views, as inspiration.

How much do Lion King Broadway actors get paid?

Broadway touring shows see a similar pay structure for the cast of the mammoth shows. Actors in Wicked, Jersey Boys, Book of Mormon and The Lion King work off a production contract that pay out $1754 per week minimum and most trend closer to $2000 per week.

Who was the first Simba on Broadway?

Jason Raize
Jason Raize, Broadway’s Original Simba in The Lion King, Dead at 28 | Playbill. Jason Raize Rothenberg, the handsome young actor who played Simba in Broadway’s The Lion King, died suddenly in Yass, Australia, his family confirmed.

Who has played Nala on Broadway?

Heather Headley as Nala in the musical’s original cast
Allies Simba, Mufasa, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Sarabi, Zazu, Sarafina, Kiara, Kion, Kovu, Vitani, Outsiders, Bunga, Beshte, Fuli, Ono, Tiifu, Zuri, Makini

Is The Lion King in London closing?

Re: Is the Lion King closing? There is no as-yet announced closure for Lion King. The Lyceum’s website says “Booking until June 2019” and is currently showing the last available date as Saturday, 1st June.

Who is Mufasa wife?

Character information Sarabi is a lioness who used to be the queen of the Pride Lands in Disney’s 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. She is Mufasa’s wife (later widow) and Simba’s mother. After Mufasa’s death and Simba’s supposed death, Sarabi remained strong, standing up against the tyrant king Scar.

Where are the Pride Lands?

South Africa
THE LOCATION Pridelands conservancy is a 4500-acre former buffalo hunting farm located north-east of the town of Hoedspruit, Limpopo Province, in the Lowveld Region of South Africa. The Lowveld forms part of the Savanna Biome, which is the largest biome in southern Africa, covering almost 50% of the landmass.