Who is the fastest athlete in India?

Who is the fastest athlete in India?

Sapper Anil Kumar Prakash (born 28 August 1978) is a retired Indian sprinter. He held the 100 metres national record of 10.30 s set at the National Circuit Athletic Meet held in New Delhi in 2005 which was broken in 2016….Anil Kumar Prakash.

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Who holds the Indian record for 100m?

Amiya Kumar Mallick
Amiya Kumar Mallick holds the 100m record in India, with a timing of 10.26 which he managed at the National Federation Cup in 2016. In the women’s category, Dutee Chand holds the 100m national record with a timing of 11.17 seconds, which she achieved at the Indian Grand Prix IV at Patiala in 2021.

What is the record of running in India?


Event Record Athlete
Track Events
100 m 10.21 (+2.0 m/s) Anil Kumar Prakash
10.26 (+1.9 m/s) Sanjeet Singh
200 m 20.63 (+1.5 m/s) Muhammed Anas

Who is the world fastest runner?

Top 10 Fastest Runners no 1 Usain Bolt In the 2009 world championship, he make such a record which gave him fame where he completed 100m race in 9.58 seconds and 200 m dash in 19.19 seconds. He is the only runner who won three straight 100, 150, 200 meters Olympic gold medals.

Who is faster MS Dhoni or Usain Bolt?

Dhoni ran at a speed of 31 kmph to complete two runs in a T20 match against Australia. If Bolt were to run by his top record of 9:58 seconds, he would have completed it at 38 kmph.

Who was the fastest runner?

Who’s the fastest human on earth?

The 10 Fastest People in History

  • Usain Bolt. Fastest recorded speed: 9.58 s / 100 m = 37.6 km/h (23.4 mph)
  • Yohan Blake. Fastest recorded speed: 9.69 s /100 m = 37.2 km/h (23.1 mph)
  • Tyson Gay.
  • Asafa Powell.
  • Justin Gatlin.
  • Christian Coleman.
  • Nesta Carter.
  • Maurice Greene.

What are India’s national records in track and field?

Let us look at India’s national records across major track and field events. Muhammed Anas at the 2018 Commonwealth Games 100m Amiya Kumar Mallick has the 100m record, with a timing of 10.26 which he obtained at the National Federation Cup in April 2016.

What is the national record for the 100m dash in India?

The national record is 10.26 seconds, set by Amia Kumar Malik in 2016, as per the Athletics Federation of India website. Read more stories on Athletics.

What is the history of Athletics in India?

In India, the sport of athletics was introduced during the period of the British Raj. The sport is governed at national level by the Athletics Federation of India, which was formed in 1946.

Who holds the record in the decathlon in India?

Meanwhile, among the women, Annu Rani recently set the record, throwing her spear 63.24 m at the Federation Cup athletics. Bharatinder Singh holds the record in Decathlon, notching 7658 points at the Indian Inter-State Athletics Championships in Bengaluru in 2011.