Who is Buckshot Jones father?

Who is Buckshot Jones father?

Billy JonesBuckshot Jones / Father

What is Buckshot Jones doing now?

Now 49, Jones is a successful real estate developer in both the Atlanta and Greenville, South Carolina areas. Although he rarely goes to races in-person anymore, Jones is still a NASCAR fan, watching mainly on TV. Looking back on his racing career, he admits to just one regret.

Who is Buckshot Jones married to?

In 1999, after marrying his longtime girlfriend Jina, he made the jump to Winston Cup driving the No.

How many races did Buckshot Jones win?

Buckshot Racing is a former NASCAR team owned by Billy Jones and competed in the Winston Cup and Busch Series. The team compiled a total of four wins throughout its history. The team debuted in 1995 with Jones’ son Buckshot driving. Jones made his debut at The Milwaukee Mile with Longhorn Steakhouse sponsorship.

Where is Buckshot Jones from?

Monticello, GABuckshot Jones / Place of birthMonticello is the largest city and the county seat of Jasper County, Georgia, United States. The city includes historic buildings such as the Jasper County Courthouse, Monticello High School and the Monticello Historic District. The population was 2,657 at the 2010 census. It is 56 miles southeast of Atlanta. Wikipedia

How is Buckshot Jones related to David Pearson?

In 1995, Jones moved to the NASCAR Busch Series with his own team called Buckshot Racing. After a disappointing rookie campaign, Jones hired Ricky Pearson, son of the legendary David Pearson, as his crew chief. Jones won two races over the next three years.

Who did Buckshot Jones drive for?

On September 22, 2000, six days after Grissom failed to qualify at Loudon, Petty Enterprises announced that Buckshot Jones would drive the #44 in 2001 with sponsorship from Georgia-Pacific.

How old is Buckshot Jones?

Roy “Buckshot” Jones (born July 23, 1970) is an American racing driver who has competed in NASCAR and sprint cars. He most recently ran in the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series.

Why is Roy Norris called Buckshot Jones?

Roy Norris “Buckshot” Jones (born July 23, 1970) is an American racing driver who has competed in NASCAR and sprint cars. He most recently ran in the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series . Jones earned the nickname ” Buckshot ” from his grandfather after he ran into a table and showed no signs of pain or agony.

Who is buckshot Earnhardt?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis sit down with the mysterious and controversial racer for the latest Download. Buckshot wasn’t always known by his colorful name, and his real name had a sense of toughness as well. From the farms of Georgia sprouted a teenager with the desire to race.

What happened to the former NASCAR driver Brian Buckshot?

Buckshot has since sold his team and temporarily retired from racing. He last appeared in a NASCAR sanctioned race in 2004, when he ran two Busch Series events. He currently works in land development and real estate in Gwinnett County, Georgia.