Who has the hardest hits in NFL history?

Who has the hardest hits in NFL history?

1. Lawrence Taylor. If you ask me, Lawrence Taylor is not only the hardest hitter in NFL history, but he is the greatest defender to ever play the game.

What was the hardest tackle in NFL history?

Kam Chancellor was exactly that kind of hitter when he played safety for the Seattle Seahawks during his brief career. The team’s defense during the 2010s was known as the “Legion of Boom” and Chancellor was regarded as its most punishing tackler.

What muscles help you hit harder in football?

Your core muscles are comprised of your hip flexors, abdominal muscles, and your lower back muscles. These muscles are where athletic movements are facilitating from. If you have strong and powerful core muscles then you will be able to tackle hard and hit harder when on the football field.

How do I not get trucked?

Work on your size/mass, use effort and leg drive, keep yourself balanced, timing, and using center of gravity. How do I tackle and not get scared? Lower yourself and explode toward the player. By lowering yourself, you can resist more impact and are less likely to get trucked – hence, the fear is gone.

Who is the hardest hitting NFL player?

1. Ronnie Lott. Like Lawrence Taylor and several others on this list, Hall-of-Fame defensive back Ronnie Lott is credited with hitting guys so hard that he ruined their careers.

Who is the hardest hitting safety ever?

Ronnie Lott Lott is considered to be one of the hardest hitters to ever play the position. He’s a 10-time Pro Bowl selection, member of the NFL 75 Anniversary All-Time Team and finsihed his Hall of Fame career with 63 interceptions.

What NFL players are famous for the hardest hits?

Jamal Adams,S,Seahawks.

  • Kwon Alexander,OLB,49ers.
  • Joey Bosa,DE,Chargers.
  • Nick Bosa,DE,49ers.
  • Devin Bush,ILB,Steelers.
  • Calais Campbell,DE,Ravens.
  • Jadeveon Clowney,OLB,Titans.
  • Landon Collins,S,Washington.
  • Aaron Donald,DT,Rams.
  • Myles Garrett,DE,Browns.
  • What exercises get you to hit harder in football?

    Thrusters. Thrusters develop all of the muscles used when delivering a big hit in football.

  • Barbell Squat Jumps. Barbell squat jumps target your thighs and hips.
  • Sled Bear Crawls.
  • High Pulls.
  • What is the best way to hit hard in football?

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    Who is the hardest hitting football player?

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