Who got fastest lap on Top Gear?

Who got fastest lap on Top Gear?

Top Gear Track lap times

Rank Vehicle Driver
1. Caparo T1 The Stig
2. Ferrari SF90 Stradale The Stig
3. Ferrari 488 Pista The Stig
4. Ultima GTR 720 unknown

What episode of Top Gear has Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are Stars in a Reasonably Priced car, part 1/2 (Series 15, Episode 5) | Top Gear.

Do Top Gear still use dunsfold?

The team that makes the BBC’s Top Gear will move from London to Bristol from 2022, the corporation has announced. The long-running show will continue to use Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey for filming, and its presenters will still shoot around the UK and the world.

Can you drive around the Top Gear track?

Can I drive on the Top Gear test track? Unfortunately not. Track days used to be available where fans of the show could take part in driving with The Stig and Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Under 17s off roading was also an option that was on offer.

Who is the fastest guest on Top Gear?

But, before that, they have to complete a timed lap around our infamous test track and become a ‘star in a reasonably priced car’….It’s time for a new reasonably priced car and an array of celebrities to take it out on the track.

Celebrity Time (mins)
James McAvoy 1.43.6
Ryan Reynolds 1.43.7

What episode is the Top Gear campervan challenge?

Episode 4
Motorhomes challenge, part 1/3 (Series 15, Episode 4) | Top Gear.

How long is the Top Gear track?

approximately 1.75 miles
The track is approximately 1.75 miles (2.82 km) long. It is considered to be an equaliser for cars since, according to Richard Hammond, both 0–60 miles per hour (0–96.6 km/h) times and top speed are totally meaningless.