Who does Yeon-Woo end up with Moon Embracing the Sun?

Who does Yeon-Woo end up with Moon Embracing the Sun?

She and Nok-yeong leave the capital. Crown Prince Lee Hwon unwillingly marries Bo-kyung, but refuses to consummate the marriage by citing an unnamed illness and continues to brood over his “dead” first love. Eight years later, Lee Hwon is now king and Yeon-woo became Shaman Wol (which means “moon”).

How did Moon Embracing the Sun end?

She prays for the remaining sun and moon to see happiness and light, and falls to the ground. Dead. With order restored, it’s time for another wedding ceremony as Yeon-woo is made the new queen.

Who becomes queen in The Moon Embracing the Sun?

Kim Young-Ae
(ep. 1) The Sun symbolises the fate which only a king or a future king possess. Instructing that the sun must become one, Queen Yoon (Kim Young-Ae) orders Yoon Dae-Hyung (Kim Eung-Soo) to kill Prince Uisung (Kim Myeong-Su), who is the stepbrother of King Sungjo.

Is the Moon Embracing the Sun a good drama?

THE SHORT VERDICT: Moon/Sun is basically a romance dressed as a simplified saguek with supernatural elements, so it’s fairly light on the political intrigue. Kim Soo Hyun is absolutely fantastic in this, and everyone else is pretty excellent too, except for Han Ga In, who seems miscast.

What episode does Kim Soo Hyun appear in Moon Embracing the Sun?

episode six
Lead actor Kim Soo-hyun from the hit MBC drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” will contribute a song to the program’s soundtrack. Kim’s agency announced on Friday that the song, “Only You,” will be included in episode six of the drama, which will be aired tomorrow.

Who died in the Moon Embracing the Sun?

Actress Moon Embracing the Sun died suddenly, causing distress for still trying to star two hit films before she died. On August 17th, the Korean media reported the actress The moon hugs the sun Kim Min Kyung died yesterday (August 16) at the age of 61.

Is Lee Min Ho in Moon Embracing the Sun?

Lee Min Ho received a lot of love for his role as Yang Myung on “The Moon That Embraces the Sun.” However, on January 23, he left an apologetic message on his Twitter to the “City Hunter” Lee Min Ho fans.