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Who does Montag worry about?

Who does Montag worry about?

Did she love him? – Montag was worried about her like any of us would worry about our families. he loved her but maybe not in the way most would love their wife. Montag felt an obligation to worry about her but soon discovered that it was worthless because he felt disconnected from her due to technology.

Why do Beatty’s eyes widen when Montag?

Why do Beatty’s eyes widen when Montag toggles the safety on his flame thrower? Beatty’s eyes widen because he is shocked that Montag would actually stand up to him.

What does the Hound symbolize in Fahrenheit 451?

The Hound represents government control and manipulation of technology. Originally, dogs served as the rescuers for firemen. They were given the job of sniffing out the injured or weak. However, in this dystopia, the Hound has been made into a watchdog of society.

How was Mildred killed in Fahrenheit 451?

Completely immersed in an electronic world and growing more incompatible with Montag with every electronic gadget that enters her house, she fills her waking hours with manic drives in the beetle and by watching a TV clown, who distracts her from her real feelings and leads her nearly to suicide from a drug overdose.

What does the Hound do to Montag?

The Mechanical Hound appears and injects Montag’s leg with anesthetic before he manages to destroy it with his flamethrower. Montag stumbles away on his numb leg. He goes to where he hid the books in his backyard and finds four that Mildred missed.

On what page does Mildred overdose?

page 41

How did Montag escape the hound?

On spotting the helicopters’ lights hovering above the river, he knew the hound had got to the river and so he submerged himself in the water until they retreated. Montag was pushed further and further away to safety. That is how he managed to escape from the mechanical hounds on both occasions.

What happens when Montag touches the hound?

What happens when Montag touches the muzzle of the Mechanical Hound? It growls and extends its needle, which makes him feel threatened. How did Montag escape the Hound and get to the upper level of the firehouse? He grabbed hold of the pole and it automatically lifted him upstairs.

Why is Montag afraid of the hound?

Montag is worried that someone knows he has stolen a book, and that is why the Hound is targeting him already. He reminds the others in the firehouse that the Hound can be programmed. Beatty responds by asking him if he has any enemies.

Why is Clarisse anti social?

Clarisse is considered anti-social because she refuses to participate in the activates that the government deems as acceptable activities for people in the society of “Fahrenheit 451”.