Who comes under SC category?

Who comes under SC category?

Sr.No. Caste
1. Ad Dharmi Hessi
2. Baghi Nagalu Jogi
3. Balimiki, Bhangi,Chuhra,Chuhre Julaha,Julahe,Kabirpanthi, Keer
4. Bandhela Kamoh, Dagoli

Is OBC cutoff higher than general?

According to the merit list prepared in March 2019 for the sub-inspector post in Railway Protection Force, the Group A cut-off for OBC category was 95.53 per cent and 94.59 per cent for general category candidates; whereas the Group F cut-off was 87.33 per cent for OBC and 76.99 per cent for general applicants.

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Who is SC category?

The Scheduled Caste (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) are officially designated groups of people in India. The terms are recognised in the Constitution of India and the groups are designated in one or other of the categories.

What is SC ST OBC and General?

Indians are divided into four broad categories in official statistics — Scheduled Caste (SC), scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Class (OBC), and General Category (GC), which includes the ‘upper’ castes.

What does SC stand for in text?

“Silent Chuckle” is another definition for SC. SC. Definition: Silent Chuckle.

What is essay mean?

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Is OBC general category?

NEW DELHI : The Supreme Court has said the general category vacancies in public employment is open to all including aspirants belonging to reserved categories like other backward classes (OBCs) and Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs).

What do you mean by SC ST OBC?

Other Backward Classes