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Which is better P30 or VP9?

Which is better P30 or VP9?

Overall, the HK P30 just seems like a much, much higher-quality pistol. It really sets it above the rest. The HK VP9, on the other hand, seems like just a slightly higher-quality pistol than your typical $500 polymer choice. The frame on the P30 is just excellent and the polymer quality cannot be beaten.

Is the P30SK a good gun?

The H&K P30SK shoots well for a gun of its size. The ergonomics of the grip, along with a good trigger and decent sights, are a recipe for success. I found the gun exhibited mild recoil characteristics and pleasing accuracy. At 15 yards, putting quick shots on a full rack of steel plates is easy work.

Where is the H&K P30 made?


Heckler & Koch P30
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin Germany
Service history
Used by See Users

When did the HK P30 come out?

Our HK P30 Review covers all the details good and bad. HK introduced the P30 series of pistols in 2006. Previously, HK had made both the Mark 23 and the HK USP series which were both hammer-fired polymer frame pistols.

Is the HK P30 a good concealed carry gun?

The HK P30 is a fairly large gun. Its size is similar to a Glock 17 in grip length. Due to this, you definitely won’t be carrying it in a pocket or on your ankle. It’s still concealable enough to carry inside the waistband if you would like. This gun can function just as well as a duty gun as it can a concealed carry firearm.

Is the P30 a good gun?

H&K P30 Review: A Great Gun (But Is It Worth the Hefty Price?) The P30 is definitely a worthwhile purchase for any serious gun owner. H&K has always been at the forefront of modern, reliable firearm designs for the past forty-five years.

How do you take down a HK P30?

The HK P30 takes down using a somewhat odd method. You have to lock the magazine back to a certain point and then you’re going to need to press out the slide stop itself. I know that sounds confusing but you’ll see in the picture here how the system works. You’ll need a pin or a punch to push the slide lock far enough out.