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Which foreign country is best for study?

Which foreign country is best for study?

Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for 2019

  1. Italy. With its amazing food, sexy language, beautiful art, and dynamic history, Italy is the most sought-after destination for aspiring study abroad students.
  2. Spain. Spain boasts historic festivals, siestas, and flamenco dancers.
  3. England.
  4. France.
  5. Germany.
  6. Australia.
  7. Japan.
  8. China.

How much does it cost for an Indian student to study abroad?

Cost of studying undergraduate courses: You will have to set aside an average of INR 15 lakhs per year towards your studies. If you intend to enrol in the top 8 universities, this will come up to INR 25 lakhs per year. Cost of studying postgraduate courses: Postgraduate courses would cost around INR 16 lakhs per year.

Which European country is best for Indian?

Germany is one of the top study destinations in Europe for Indian students. This country is one of the most affordable destinations, where cost of living is slight higher but the tuition fees paid is almost zero or very little.

How do you convince my parents to let me study abroad?

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad

  1. Assure Your Parents of Your Safety.
  2. Show Your Parents that Study Abroad Can be Cost-Effective.
  3. Convince Your Parents Study Abroad is an Investment in Your Education.
  4. Offer to Put Your Parents in Touch with Your University.
  5. Get in Touch with Alumni to Show Your Parents What It’s Like.

How do I get my Indian parents to say yes?

‘Ma Please’ – A Guide To Convince Your Indian Parents To Let You Travel With Friends

  1. Get Good Grades.
  2. Wait For The Right Time To Ask.
  3. Be At Your Best Behaviour.
  4. Do Your Research Well.
  5. The Friends Involved In The Trip.
  6. Do Not Lie.
  7. Promise Them You Will Stay In Constant Touch.
  8. Respect Their Decision.

Which country is best for college?

Want the best in higher education? These countries have it.

Country Name Best Countries Overall Rank
1. United States 4
2. United Kingdom 3
3. Canada 2
4. Germany 1