Where is the spaceship in GTA 5?

Where is the spaceship in GTA 5?

Spaceship Part 1 – Los Santos Gas Company. Spaceship Part 1 can be found at the Los Santos Gas Company. It’s on a pipe between two large globe structures/concrete tanks on Elysian Island. Use the stairs on the west side to climb the concrete tanks.

Where is the Spaceship part in Elysian Island?

This Spaceship part is located in the southernmost area of Elysian Island. The case is sitting deep on the bottom of the ocean floor inside a metal frame, so be ready to dive deep!

Where is Spaceship part 44?

This Spaceship part is located below the road of the Raton Canyon Bridge on the support beams. There are various methods to get to this location: Parachute to it after jumping out of a helicopter (easy), plane, or after jumping off of the bridge.

Can you find spaceship parts in GTA Online?

The spaceship parts are scattered across the world of GTA 5 and, below, you can find all of parts located in Los Santos. To find this spaceship part, you will need to make your way to the Los Santos International Airport. There is a service road that goes between the ocean and the airport.

Where is Davis quartz GTA 5?

Davis Quartz is a terraced mining site located on Senora Way, southeast of the Grand Senora Desert, in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It can easily be identified by looking to the east of Sandy Shores and the Grand Senora Desert.

Where is Spaceship part 39?

Mt. Josiah
This Spaceship part is located near the top of the mountain terrain of Mt. Josiah. Locating the exact slope will require some exploration but you can still reach the area by foot or by helicopter.

What happens when you collect all the alien parts in GTA 5?

After Franklin comes across an alien conspiracist called Omega in Sandy Shores, you can begin collecting these parts in GTA 5. Upon finding all 50 spaceship parts and completing the mission, you will gain access to Omega’s garage, and be able to acquire the Space Docker rocket car in GTA 5.