Where do Danish Kaneria live?

Where do Danish Kaneria live?

Kaneria is a Hindu and is of Gujarati ethnicity. His ancestors migrated from Surat and settled in Karachi over a century ago. After former test wicket-keeper Anil Dalpat, who is his cousin, Kaneria is the second Hindu to have played for Pakistan.

Why was Kaneria dropped?

“Danish Kaneria was never left out (of the team) by Pakistan. He was dropped because of the ECB. He had a match-fixing issue and the ECB penalised him for that.

Where is Anil dalpat now?

He lives in the metropolis of Karachi, and is of Rajasthani heritage. The first Hindu to play Test cricket for Pakistan, Anil Dalpat was one of several wicketkeepers given a chance after the retirement of Wasim Bari.

What did Danish Kaneria do?

Danish Kaneria will end his career as the highest wicket-taking spinner for Pakistan – itself an achievement – but he will probably be remembered more as the cricketer who was banned for life by the ECB after being found guilty of corruption in a spot-fixing case.

Is there any Hindu in Pakistan?

While hundreds of years ago Hinduism was the dominant faith in the region, today Hindus account for 2.14% of Pakistan’s population or 4.44 million people according to the 2017 Pakistan Census, although the Pakistan Hindu Council claims there are around more than 8 million in Pakistan.

What is the age of Danish Kaneria?

41 years (December 16, 1980)Danish Kaneria / Age

How many Hindu players are there in Bangladesh cricket team?

Regardless of being an Islamic country, Bangladesh at present has two Bengali Hindus in the team, Soumya Sarkar and Liton Das. It has additionally in the past had players like Alok Kapali and Tapash Baisya who were not Muslims, yet never needed to confront discrimination for their decision of religion.

Which is a Hindu country?

Presently, India and Nepal are the two Hindu majority countries. Most Hindus are found in Asian countries.

Is Liton Das a good batsman?

Wicketkeeper Batter Liton Das is the first wicketkeeper-batsman in Bangladesh considered good enough to be a long-term successor to Mushfiqur Rahim.

Was Danish Kaneria discriminated against in Pakistan because of his religion?

Danish Kaneria played for Pakistan between 2000 and 2010. (File Photo/Reuters) Danish Kaneria has responded to the allegation leveled by Shoaib Akhtar that the spinner used to be discriminated against within the Pakistan cricket team because of his Hindu faith.

What did Danish Kaneria say about Shoaib Akhtar?

“Didn’t have courage to speak on it earlier, but now I will (reveal names of players who did not talk to me because I was Hindu).” – Pakistan spinner responds to Shoaib Akhtar’s allegation that he was mistreated because of his faith. Danish Kaneria played for Pakistan between 2000 and 2010.

Who is Rajkumar Kaneria?

Kaneria, who played for Pakistan between 2000 and 2010, is only the second Hindu player to play for Pakistan, the other being Anil Dalpat, incidentally Kaneria’s uncle, a wicketkeeper who played in the 1980s.