When was 116520 discontinued?

When was 116520 discontinued?

Since being discontinued in 2016, prices for these (in house calibre) 116520 Daytonas are continuing to soar.

What is APH error dial?

116520 from 2010 with a white dial is the perfect Daytona for everyday wear. This specimen features a so-called ‘APH’ dial due to a noticeable gap between the words “COSMOGR” and “APH”. Dials with this ‘error’ were only produced for a short period, making these Daytonas more desirable among collectors.

What is panna dial?

This is a white Daytona dial that has discoloured to a creamy white colour, hence, the nickname Panna (which is Italian for ‘cream’). It only exists among certain serial ranges in the P-, K- and Y-series and it’s pretty rare. This example has not developed a very creamy colour yet but probaby will do over time.

What is a Rolex 116520?

Today, the Rolex 116520 Daytona is regarded as one of the world’s most famous watches, and it is a model that has become almost synonymous with the Rolex brand itself. However, for much of the collection’s history, Rolex’s iconic chronograph did not feature an in-house movement.

What year is Rolex 116520?

The Rolex Daytona ref. 116520 made its debut in 2000. It was a big year for the Daytona because it marked the transition from a Zenith El Primero based movement, the Caliber 4030, to an entirely in-house Rolex movement, the Caliber 4130.

Is Zenith worth buying?

In the end, Zenith is a luxury watch brand that produces some of the best watches available. While most Zenith watches may not hold their value, they can still be a great investment. They are crafted with precision and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Why is it called Zenith Daytona?

A (Very) Brief History Of The Zenith Daytona. Let’s cut to the chase. The Rolex Zenith Daytona take its nickname from the fact that it’s powered by a Zenith El Primero calibre. Albeit a heavily-modified one – which we will discuss in more detail shortly.

What is APH error Daytona?

A rare Rolex model with a font error is selling for up to £20,000 and appreciating over time. The stainless steel Daytona reference 116520 has coined the nickname “APH dial “due to a gap in the word COSMOGR APH – and is now deemed very collectable, with a limited number produced over just a few years.

When was the APH dial produced?

According to Phillips, the Rolex Daytona APH dial was only in production between approximately 2011 to 2014, but only Rolex knows the real answer.

Is Rolex Daytona 116520 discontinued?

The Discontinued Rolex Daytona 116520 Today The watch comes with the option of a black dial or a white dial. Despite the fact that Rolex replaced the Daytona 116520 with the 116500, the former is still enjoying plenty of popularity.