Whats better Raptor 660 or 400EX?

Whats better Raptor 660 or 400EX?

The general consensus is that the Raptor is top-heavy and doesn’t handle as well as the 400EX, but is much much much more powerful. Handling is something of extreme importance to me (the trails near me are all really tight and technical), but having a good amount of power is something I want as well.

Are Raptor 660 good quads?

Conclusion – Yamaha Raptor 660 There is nothing but good things to say about the Yamaha Raptor 660. It is a legendary four-wheeler that the riding community adores, and the whole family is sure to love. The vehicle is fast, offers excellent handling, and its reliability is unquestionable.

Is the Yamaha Raptor 660 fast?

Top speed of both is limited electronically at 75 mph (but modifiable).

Is a Raptor 660 a good beginner quad?

For a beginner the 660 might be a little much but I think you’ll grow into it fine; especially if you’ll just be toodling around with friends. It is a little tipsy but just take it easy until you get used to it.

Does Raptor 660 have reverse?

I believe it is: pull in clutch, put in first gear, turn knob clockwise, click shifter down once more for reverse. when you want out of reverse, just pull clutch and click up once. you will be in first.

What is the top speed on a Honda 400ex?

Generally, fresh from the factory, the 400 will do anywhere from 65-70, with most people finding 68 as the average top speed.

Which is better Raptor 660 or 700?

the 660 is slow (no matter what), top heavy and has sub par suspension. the 700 has abundant power (with pipe/re map /filter) pretty decent suspenion and alot more stable. the 660 is like a rocking chair.

What is the fastest ATV out there?

The 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 700 EPS SE The Thundercat 1000 is their fastest ATV ever, reaching top speeds of 79mph. Their newest Alterra 700 model doesn’t do too shabby in this department either, with a top speed of 75mph. As for acceleration, it can get from 0 to 60mph in around 8.7 seconds.

How fast will a stock 660 Raptor go?

How much horsepower does a stock 660 Raptor have? The vehicle’s horsepower is 36 hp, top speed is 74 mph, and fuel economy is 30-35 mpg (6.72-7.84 liters/100 km).

When did they stop making Raptor 660?

Yamaha sold the Raptor 660 from model year 2001 through 2005. The Raptor 660R was replaced in 2006 by the totally redesigned Raptor 700R (686cc).

How much HP does a Raptor 660 have?

That`s nice, having on mind that stock 660 has 35 hp, the 727 gets 30 hp more.