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What type of source is an academic journal?

What type of source is an academic journal?

Scholarly publications (Journals) A scholarly publication contains articles written by experts in a particular field. The primary audience of these articles is other experts. These articles generally report on original research or case studies. Many of these publications are “peer reviewed” or “refereed”.

How do I find paper reviews?

Finding a review article is relatively simple, though it varies slightly depending on what database you are using.

  1. Web of Science. Start with a search in Web of Science.
  2. PubMed.
  3. UCLA Library Journal Search.
  4. Google Scholar and ArticlesPlus.

How do I find recent articles on Google?

Under the Google search, and along the same row that lets you switch to Google image, news, etc search, you will see a button labelled, ‘Search tools’. Click it and two options will appear one of which is ‘Any Time’. Click the drop-down next to this button.

How do we identify a source?

How to identify a scholarly source

  1. Inform or report on original research or ideas.
  2. Disseminate knowledge in a particular discipline.
  3. Review current literature on a topic.
  4. Provide in-depth treatment of a topic.

Where can I find academic sources online?

The Top 21 Free Online Journal and Research Databases

  • CORE. CORE is a multidisciplinary aggregator of open access research.
  • ScienceOpen.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • Education Resources Information Center.
  • arXiv e-Print Archive.
  • Social Science Research Network.
  • Public Library of Science.
  • OpenDOAR.

How do I find academic journals on Google?

Search for Articles with Google Scholar

  1. On-campus access. Visit http://scholar.google.com and begin searching.
  2. Off-campus access. If you are off campus you will need to set the preferences so that Google will show you the resources that Catholic University provides.
  3. Searching with Google Scholar.