What strain is frostbite?

What strain is frostbite?

Frostbite is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that gets its name from the frosty trichomes covering the buds. Despite its chilly name, Frostbite gives off cozy aromas, including spiced tea, earthy, and fruity. This strain is also considered a heavy hitter, so people who are new to cannabis should take it slowly.

What is the most popular OG strain?

Original Kush, best known as OG Kush, is the don dada of cannabis. It’s the #1 most popular strain on Weedmaps, the reigning Strain Madness champion, and the true backbone of West Coast cannabis culture today.

Is Frost an indica or sativa?

The Jack Frost strain is a well-balanced blend of sativa and indica genetics. Both recreational and medicinal consumers should enjoy this strain’s potent and long-lasting effects.

What is a good OG strain?

The Good’s OG Kush is a fairly balanced Sativa dominant hybrid Flower coming in at 55:45 Sativa to Indica. The aroma is earthy, herbal, pungent, spicy and sweet with a lemon, wood and pine flavor. The effects are a prominent body high and energy boost.

What are the stages of frostbite?

What Are the Stages of Frostbite?

  • The first-degree – irritates the skin and pain.
  • The second-degree – blisters but has no major damage.
  • The third-degree – involves all layers of the skin and causes permanent tissue damage.
  • The fourth-degree – frostbite occurs when bone and tendon freeze.

What strain is shortbread?

Are you looking for a sweet treat to kick off your day? Settle in with some delicious Shortbread! This mouthwatering strain has tart, lemon notes paired with a doughy sweetness reminiscent of the shortbread style cookie this energizing sativa is named after.

Is Fire OG top shelf?

Fire OG is one of the illustrious Top Shelf strains of many well-known dispensaries and MMJ delivery services. It gets its name from its iconic appearance and the resulting high is one that’ll have you stuck to the couch for hours.

How long does pain from frostbite last?

A dull continuous ache transforms into a throbbing sensation in 2-3 days. This may last weeks to months until final tissue separation is complete. At first the areas may appear deceptively healthy. Most people do not arrive at the doctor with frozen, dead tissue.

What is Zkittlez strain?

Zkittlez, also known as “Skittles,” “Skittlz,” and “Island Skittles” is an indica marijuana strain bred from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain. This candy-flavored strain was bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz.