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What qualities of Bertha earned her the three medals?

What qualities of Bertha earned her the three medals?

What qualities of Bertha earned her the three medals? Answer: Bertha won several medals for goodness. She earned a medal for obedience, another medal for punctuality and a third for good behavior.

For which three values did Bertha won medals What was exceptional about it?

Accordingly, Bertha is so impeccable that she is given three medals for being “extraordinarily good”: one for obedience, one for punctuality, and one for good behavior. When the Prince of the country hears about Bertha’s goodness, he decides to reward her with a walk in his private park once a week.

What is the point of view in the storyteller?

The narrative point of view in “The Story Teller” is third person omniscient. This is obvious because the narrator is not a character in the story and the pronouns used throughout the story are “he, she, they” etc.

How did the wolf find Bertha?

The wolf nearly decided to go catch a pig instead. However, Bertha started to shake from fear, causing her medals to make noise. The wolf heard the medals and came back for Bertha. The wolf found Bertha and ate her.

What is the main theme of the story the bachelor tells in the storyteller?

Pride comes before a fall

What happened to Bertha in the storyteller?

Bertha hides behind a myrtle bush and almost manages to escape, however, the clicking of her medals against each other gives her away and the wolf eats her at once.Il y a 2 jours

What is the plot of the storyteller?

In Jodi Picoult’s novel The Storyteller, baker Sage Singer works alone on the night shift at a small bakery and avoids people during the day, in both situations concealing from other people both a facial scar and the guilt she feels about the accident that caused it.

What was the story told by the aunt?

Answer. Answer: The clever fox was the story told by the aunt.

Why is the bachelor’s story more appealing to the children?

The children weren’t being quiet when listening to the aunt’s story, so the bachelor decides to tell a story that he thinks the kids will enjoy. The children really enjoy his story much more than they did their aunt’s. They were quiet during his story. You just studied 13 terms!

What is the climax of the storyteller?

The Climax: The kids settle down and listen to the story only a little bit into the story the kids seem really interested in the story and are quiet for the rest of the carriage ride. The only problem the aunt had was the story. the story was VERY inappropriate for little kids and she had a problem with that.

How did the Prince reward Bertha?

Answer. When the Prince of the country hears about Bertha’s goodness, he decides to reward her with a walk in his private park once a week. Hope this helps u!

What was the story told by the Bachelor?

Answer: In Saki’s tale, the bachelor manages to entertain his youthful fellow passengers with an “improper” story during an especially uneventful train ride. He tells a story about a perfectly behaved little girl named Bertha.

Do you think Bertha should have met such a glory end to her life justify your answer?

Solution. No, I don’t think Bertha should have met such a gory end to her life because she never harmed anyone and throughout her little life she had been righteous and extremely good to everyone. According to my opinion, she deserved a better ending.

What are the major differences between the aunt’s story and the bachelor’s story?

The moral of the story told by the aunt is that good acts shall always be rewarded in the end. By contrast, the bachelor’s story strongly suggests that even those endowed with the highest ethical character are every bit as much at risk for coming to a bad end as the worst kind of amoral scoundrel.

How did the prince of the country come to know about Bertha?

The Prince of the country came to know about Bertha from everybody who talked about her goodness.

What is the relationship between the bachelor The aunt?

what is the relationship among the bachelor neon and the three children in the storyteller? He is the children’s uncle and the aunts brother in law. He is engaged to marry the aunt that has never met the children before.

Do you like stories that have a moral or a message?

Answer: Yes, l like such a story.