What is TM500?

What is TM500?

TM500 delivers real voice, data, realistic mobility models and 4G/5G core emulation, providing the most comprehensive lab validation portfolio. The TM500 Family offers the right test tools, expertise and support across the entire development lifecycle. Can you ensure… Each user on your network is obtaining the best Quality of Service?

What is TM500 O-du tester?

TM500 O-DU Tester is an extension of the TM500 which has an unparalleled global support footprint to assist customers in expediting delivery and deployment around the world. This solution has already been used early on in End-to-End O-RAN performance tests to benchmark the O-RAN network against traditional 5G gNBs in a real customer environment.

How to connect TmTm 11-5820-890-20-1 to J3?

TM 11-5820-890-20-1 3.2. TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHARTS. Continued Short Range Radio, RT-A (AN/VRC-87/88A) NOTES: 1. If the splitter cable (CX-13417) is not present, the loudspeaker cable (CX-13292) may be connected directly to J3, or the vehicle intercom may be connected to J3 via the VIC interface cable (CX-13313). 2.