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What is the relationship between Arsinoe and Celimene?

What is the relationship between Arsinoe and Célimène?

Arsinoé A bitter woman who is older, unattractive, unpleasant, and thus unable to attract men. Arsinoé masks her frustration with extreme manners and piety. She is openly critical of Célimène out of jealousy, as she herself seeks the love of Alceste.

What is the story the misanthrope?

Play Summary. Alceste, the misanthrope, explains to Philinte that he hates mankind because there is so much hypocrisy, deceit, and false flattery in the world that he can’t find a man who will speak the truth openly. He asserts that all people should be completely frank and honest with one another.

Is Alceste the Misanthrope?

Alceste, title character of Molière’s comedy Le Misanthrope (first performed 1666).

What period is Tartuffe and The Misanthrope?

The Misanthrope, or the Cantankerous Lover (French: Le Misanthrope ou l’Atrabilaire amoureux; French pronunciation: ​[lə mizɑ̃tʁɔp u latʁabilɛːʁ amuʁø]) is a 17th-century comedy of manners in verse written by Molière. It was first performed on 4 June 1666 at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal, Paris by the King’s Players.

Who is philinte?

Philinte A friend of Alceste’s who can see the frailty in man, and who advises tolerance and reasonableness in human relationships. Orante A gentleman-about-town who is also in love with Célimène and who lodges a complaint against Alceste for criticizing a poem he has written.

Who wrote misanthrope?

MolièreThe Misanthrope / Playwright

What did Alceste vow to do when he learns he has lost his court case?

8. What does Alceste vow to do when he learns he has lost his court case?

  • Kill his opponent in the case.
  • Challenge the verdict.
  • Remove himself from society.
  • Commit suicide.

What does Dubois urge Alceste do?

Alceste’s manservant, Du Bois, enters in a panic, demanding that Alceste pack to leave at once. Du Bois claims that he has spoken with a man who has notified him that Alceste is in danger of arrest—a result of his ongoing lawsuit.

Why is Alceste angry at Philante in the first scene?

Alceste is reprimanding his friend Philinte for constantly betraying his integrity by conforming to the hypocritical uses and customs of polite society. An extended debate occurs between Alceste and Philinte. They argue about how genuinely and honestly a man can conduct his affairs in society.

How does Arsinoé feel about Célimène?

While Arsinoé claims to have spoken in defense of Célimène, Arsinoé comes across as insincere, and her jealousy of Célimène is apparent. Arsinoé recommends that Célimène change her ways. Célimène responds to the attack on her character by criticizing Arsinoé’s “excessive piety” and pretentiousness, suggesting that Arsinoé is a hypocrite.

What does Arsinoé say to Alceste when he enters?

Alceste enters as Célimène leaves, and Alceste and Arsinoé are left alone together. Arsinoé praises Alceste’s integrity, expressing her disapproval of the way the Court has handled Alceste’s legal matters.

What is the basic antagonism between Celine and Arsinoé?

The basic antagonism between Célimène and Arsinoé is the result of several factors. First, Arsinoé is jealous of the younger beauty. Célimène has taken away several of Arsinoé’s admirers, and out of bitterness, Arsinoé has been telling people of her own virtue and suggesting that Célimène attracts suitors by being a loose woman.

What proof does Arsinoé claim she has of Celine’s deception?

In a last-ditch attempt to gain Alceste’s affection, Arsinoé tells him that Célimène has been deceiving him. Arsinoé claims that she has proof of Célimène’s deception at her house.