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What is the purpose of text dependent questions?

What is the purpose of text dependent questions?

Text-dependent questions typically begin by exploring specific words, details, and arguments, and then move on to examine the impact of those specifics on the text as a whole. Along the way, they target academic vocabulary and specific sentence structures as critical focus points for gaining comprehension.

How many ways we can set the cursor on CICS map?

three different ways

Which command is used to create a TSQ?

Application first WRITE TS QNAME triggered command will allocate the memory for TSQ. The memory can be from main memory, auxiliary storage and shared temporary storage. Temporary Storage Queues in main memory can’t be defined as recoverable.

How do I read TSQ in CICS?


  1. QUEUE(queue-name): Specifies the QNAME that is to be written.
  2. INTO(data-area): Specifies the data area where the needs to be received from TSQ.
  3. SET(Ptr-ref): Specifies the pointer reference to the data read from TSQ.
  4. LENGTH(data-value):
  5. ITEM(data-item):
  6. NEXT:
  7. NUMITEMS(data-value):
  8. SYSID(sysid-name):

How do I find my TSQ in CICS?

The INQUIRE TSQUEUE command returns information about temporary storage (TS) queues. The INQUIRE TSQUEUE command operates on all the temporary storage queues that exist in the CICS® region. Temporary storage queues that CICS creates internally for its own use, for example, queues used by BMS, are included.

What is Tbq and TSQ in stock market?

TBQ is sum of all the open buy quantity on that scrip on the exchange. Similarly TSQ is the selling quantity. Overall this number may not really change drastically during the day. This is the total open quantity, that means people who have placed orders to buy/sell and not what has traded.

What are inferential skills?

Inferential comprehension is the ability to process written information and understand the underlying meaning of the text. This information is then used to infer or determine deeper meaning that is not explicitly stated. Inferential comprehension requires readers to: combine ideas. draw conclusions.

How do you teach text-dependent analysis?

Here are some ideas to guide your students.:

  1. Read the questions thoroughly to understand the important words.
  2. Answer the questions using prior knowledge and inferences/predictions.
  3. Find evidence in the text to support your thoughts and opinions.

What option do you specify if you want to change data in an existing TSQ record?

You may update an existing item in a TSQ. A record in a TDQ cannot be updated. Records in TSQ can be read randomly….The Modified Data Tag can be set on:

  1. When the user enters data into the field.
  2. When the application program moves DFHBMFSE to the attribute character.
  3. By defining it in the BMS macro definition.

What is TSQ and TDQ and explain the difference?

(1) In Temporary Storage Queues Data is read randomly, While in Transient Data Queues data must be read sequentially. (2) In a TSQ data can be read any number of times as it remains in the queue until the entire Queue is deleted. In TDQ data item can be read once only.