What is the purpose of economic development?

What is the purpose of economic development?

The main goal of economic development is improving the economic well being of a community through efforts that entail job creation, job retention, tax base enhancements and quality of life.

What is the importance of algae?

Microscopic algae are arguably the source of more than half of the world’s oxygen though photosynthesis. They turn carbon dioxide into biomass and release oxygen. Ecologically, algae are at the base of the food chain.

What are the two uses of algae?

These are our top 10 surprising uses of algae.

  • #1: Algae Is Efficient to Create BioFuel.
  • #2: Algae Can Use Land That Would Otherwise Go to Waste.
  • #4: Algae Can Function As An Energy Source.
  • #5: Algae Can Be Used To Create Vegetable Oil.
  • #6: Algae is a Great Human Food Supplement.
  • #7: Using Algae as Fertilizer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fungi?

ADVANTAGE : 1) As food – food like mushrooms and dried yeast which provide us protein and vitamin. 2) In agriculture – likemaking the soil fertile. DISADVANTAGES : 1) human diseases – A no.

What is the role of fungi in our daily life?

Fungi are important to everyday human life. Fungi are important decomposers in most ecosystems. Fungi, as food, play a role in human nutrition in the form of mushrooms, and also as agents of fermentation in the production of bread, cheeses, alcoholic beverages, and numerous other food preparations.

What are the importance of fungi?

Together with bacteria, fungi are responsible for breaking down organic matter and releasing carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus into the soil and the atmosphere. Fungi are essential to many household and industrial processes, notably the making of bread, wine, beer, and certain cheeses.

What is the purpose of fungi?

Fungi are important decomposers in ecosystems, ensuring that dead plants and animals are broken down into smaller molecules that can be used by other members of the ecosystem. Without fungi, decaying organic matter would accumulate in the forest.

What do you understand by economic growth and economic development?

Economic growth means an increase in real national income / national output. Economic development means an improvement in the quality of life and living standards, e.g. measures of literacy, life-expectancy and health care. The proceeds of economic growth could be wasted or retained by a small wealthy elite.

What are the harmful effects of algae?

7 Major Harmful Effects of Algae to Human Being

  • Harmful to living stock: The algae are harmful to humans in several ways.
  • Blocking of photosynthesis:
  • Parasitic algae:
  • Mechanical injury:
  • Contamination of water supply:
  • Fouling of ships:
  • Deterioration of exposed fabrics:

What is the role of fungi in medicine?

Uses of fungi in medicine include micafungin, an antifungal agent, mycophenolate, used to prevent tissue rejection, and rosuvastatin, which reduces cholesterol. Bread yeast is important in baking, but studies of bakers yeast also led to the discovery of basic cellular biochemistry and metabolism.

Is fungi good or bad?

There are lots of good fungi but they can look very like bad fungi so you must be careful! Fungi can be good to eat, like some mushrooms or foods made from yeast, like bread or soy sauce. Fungi also help to decompose lots of different organic material, from leaves to insects!

What is the economic importance of fungi?

They play an important role in medicine yielding antibiotics, in agriculture by maintaining the fertility of the soil and causing crop and fruit diseases, forming basis of many industries and as important means of food. Some of the fungi are important research tools in the study of fundamental biological processes.

Do the terms economic growth and economic development mean the same thing discuss?

No, Economic Growth and Economic Development are two different terms. The economic growth refers to quantitative increase in the economy while as economic development refers to the quantitative as well as qualitative increase in the economy.

What is the harmful effects of fungi?

Abstract. Most fungi are saprophytic and not pathogenic to plants, animals and humans. However, a relative few fungal species are phytopathogenic, cause disease (e.g., infections, allergies) in man, and produce toxins that affect plants, animals and humans.

What are the economic importance of algae?

Pisciculture: In fish farming, Algae plays a very important role because it helps in the production process. Fish used plankton and zooplankton as food. It helps in maintaining the health of the marine ecosystem because algae are naturally absorbent of carbon dioxide and also provide oxygen to the water.

What you mean by economic development?

Economic Development is the creation of wealth from which community benefits are realized. It is more than a jobs program, it’s an investment in growing your economy and enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for all residents. Economic development means different things to different people.

What are the positive effects of fungi?

Fungi are commonly known to be pathogenic; however, they are present everywhere in our environment and have many beneficial effects on hosts like providing nutrients to organisms, working with plants to increase absorption, providing antibiotics and antiviral medications for humans, they aid in biotechnology by mass …

What are positive impacts of algae?

Algae is quick to grow and helps control pollution by consuming carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that may be pumped into a water tank or pond. In just three to five days, algae also eliminates ammonia, a high percentage (above 85%) of nitrate, and about 99% of phosphate from wastewater.

Which disease is caused by algae?

ciguatera fish poisoning – CFP. diarrhetic shellfish poisoning – DSP. neurotoxic shellfish poisoning – NSP. paralytic shellfish poisoning – PSP.

What is the main difference between growth and development?

Growth is just ‘getting bigger’, whereas development is improvement. Growth can be explained as becoming bigger or larger or having more importance. Growth is termed as a physical change, where as development is said to be physical as well as social or psychological change.