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What is the most extensive background check?

What is the most extensive background check?

  1. Intelius. All the essentials plus education.
  2. Instant Checkmate. An affordable all-rounder.
  3. TruthFinder. A great option for those looking to perform frequent checks.
  4. US Search. Simple, comprehensive and relatively affordable.
  5. PeopleFinders. Good value where it’s available.
  6. BeenVerified. Good, affordable and accurate.

What is a Level 5 background check?

Level 5 – Due Diligence: Also searched are government watch lists, federal criminal and civil records, professional reference and license verifications, in addition to all searches from the Level 4 check search.

What jobs can’t you do with a criminal record UK?

However, some jobs are exempt from this rule, including:

  • Jobs that involve working with children or vulnerable adults.
  • Senior roles in banking or finance.
  • Law enforcement roles, including the police and judiciary.
  • The military, navy and air force.
  • Work involving national security.

Is it OK to follow up on a background check?

If you’ve passed the employment background check, you’ll likely receive an email with the job offer! Give the employer ample time to perform the background check and then follow up with them. It is possible that the hiring manager has the completed background check but hasn’t had time to review it.

What happens if you have a criminal record UK?

In the majority of cases, having a criminal record will impact your ability to serve on a Jury in some way. When you are initially called for Jury service, you will be asked to fill out a form detailing your criminal history, including any periods of imprisonment.

What takes so long for a background check?

Even when the applicant and the employer provide as much data up front as well as the proper documentation, there can still be background check delays. For instance, if the hiring manager requests every possible background check on the applicant or several applicants, the results will take longer.

What disqualifies you from a security clearance?

Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include: Any drug abuse (illegal use of a drug or use of a legal drug in a manner that deviates from approved medical direction.); Recent drug involvement, especially following the granting of a security clearance.

Can I work for the NHS with a criminal record?

If you are applying for a post which involves having access to patients in receipt of health services, you will be subject to a DBS check. Failure to reveal information relating to convictions that you are required to identify could lead to withdrawal of an offer of employment.