What is the adjective of rugged?

What is the adjective of rugged?

adjective. having a roughly broken, rocky, hilly, or jagged surface: rugged ground. (of a face) wrinkled or furrowed, as by experience or the endurance of hardship. roughly irregular, heavy, or hard in outline or form; craggy: Lincoln’s rugged features.

Is individualism an adjective?

INDIVIDUALISTIC (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use rugged individualist in a sentence?

Clearly, you’re a rugged individualist who won’t miss the accoutrements of society. You have to be a rugged individualist. He strongly opposed totalitarianism and authoritarianism and was a rugged individualist who was very strict about not drinking or smoking.

What is rugged American individualism?

Rugged individualism, derived from individualism, is a term that indicates the ideal whereby an individual is self-reliant and independent from outside, usually state or government, assistance.

What is meant by rugged individualism?

Definition of rugged individualism : the practice or advocacy of individualism in social and economic relations emphasizing personal liberty and independence, self-reliance, resourcefulness, self-direction of the individual, and free competition in enterprise.

What is a good sentence for rugged?

(1) The path to glory is always rugged. (2) Jeeps are rugged vehicles, designed for rough conditions. (3) They admired the rugged beauty of the coastline. (4) The countryside around here is very rugged.

What does rugged good looks mean?

[usually before noun] (approving) (of a man’s face) having strong, attractive features She was attracted by his rugged good looks.

What is the adjective of fragility?

adjective. easily broken, shattered, or damaged; delicate; brittle; frail: a fragile ceramic container; a very fragile alliance. vulnerably delicate, as in appearance: She has a fragile beauty.

What is rugged individualism?

Who believed in rugged individualism?

While the term is often associated with the notion of laissez-faire and associated adherents, it was actually coined by United States president Herbert Hoover.

What is the meaning of rugged individualism?

“Rugged Individualism definition: The belief that all individuals, or nearly all individuals, can succeed on their own and that government help for people should be minimal. The phrase is often associated with policies of the Republican party and was widely used by the Republican president Herbert Hoover.

What did Hoover mean by rugged individualism?

The speech defined rugged individualism in as many forms of American life as possible. Hoover suggested that a lack of restraints helped people ‘born without inheritance’ be successful because of ‘freedom of initiative and enterprise.’

How is rugged individualism evident in the Great Gatsby?

Rugged individualism may not seem evident, but it does in a way that Gatsby wanted to help from his money to get his dreams to come true didn’t work out. For he wanted the parties to draw her attention, even his large land and big mansion couldn’t help him to fulfill his dreams with Daisy.

Is the “rugged individualist” the driving force behind American success?

Central to American mythology is the idea of the “rugged individualist” as the driving force behind our country’s success.