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What is SD2IEC?

What is SD2IEC?

SD2IEC – User manual 1. Introduction SD2IEC is a card reader designed for Commodore computers. It is compatible with: Commodore 64, C64C, C128, C128D, VIC-20, C16, C116, PLUS4, and SX64.

Can the sd2iec run Commodore 64 games?

It is estimated that, as of now, SD2IEC is capable of running over 70% of the games designed for Commodore 64 computers. 3. SD Card Setup Before using the device for the first time, the SD card has to be formatted in a FAT32 file system,

How do I transfer files from SD2IEC to original disk drive?

The dc64.prgprogram allows for transferring files between SD2IEC and the original disk drive. The fb, fb16, fb20, etc. files are part of the file manager. The sd2iec_1.0.0_m644p.binand sd2iec_1.0.0_m1284p_LCD.binfiles contain the current SD2IEC firmware. These can be deleted from the card after the device is started for the first time.

Is SD2IEC compatible with the original 1541 disk drive?

It has to be noted that SD2IEC is not fully compatible with the original disk drive. Original 1541 drives were exceptionally slow and game developers employed various programming tricks and hacks to make the loading process faster. For example, the processor inside the drive was used to carry out additional calculations.