What is paganism?

What is paganism?

Paganism has broadly connoted the “religion of the peasantry”. During and after the Middle Ages, the term paganism was applied to any unfamiliar religion, and the term presumed a belief in false god(s).

What is eclectic paganism and is it right for You?

Eclectic Paganism is the epitome of “no dogma.” This Pagan tradition is most commonly practiced by Solitary Pagans or Pagans who do not belong to a coven or grove which are two sorts of Pagan “congregations.” Eclectic Paganism is exactly what it sounds like.

What is Asatru paganism?

Asatru is unusual among Pagan religions in how much it focuses on history. Druidry and pantheon based Pagan paths have roots in ancient traditions, but most scholars agree that modern Paganism rarely has much in common with its ancient roots.

Why don’t Pagans believe in religion?

This is in part because Pagans do not have a strictly set doctrine like Christianity or Judaism. Pagan traditions tend to have general guidelines, but there is no such thing as an “orthodox Druid” or a “heretic Witch.”