What is food improvement?

What is food improvement?

Food supplies proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, all of which we require for body development, growth and health. Both plants and animals are major sources of food for us. We obtain most of this food from agriculture and animal husbandry.

What is the importance of Green Revolution Class 9?

Green Revolution is associated with agricultural production. It is the period when agriculture of the country was converted into an industrial system due to the adoption of modern methods and techniques like the use of high yielding variety seeds, tractors, irrigation facilities, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Why do we need improvement?

At its core, continuous improvement is designed to empower employees to solve problems that bugs them and gradually improve the efficiency of their work processes. Lean lets employees know that their ideas are important.

What is the importance of green revolution?

Green revolution, great increase in production of food grains (especially wheat and rice) that resulted in large part from the introduction into developing countries of new, high-yielding varieties, beginning in the mid-20th century. Its early dramatic successes were in Mexico and the Indian subcontinent.

Why do we fall ill Mcq with answers?

(d) Acne in not caused by staphylococci. Answer: (c) Peptic ulcers are caused by eating acidic food….Why do we Fall Ill Class 9 MCQs Questions with Answers.

Column I Column II
(b) Jaundice (ii) Antibiotic
(c) Sleeping sickness (iii) Female anopheles
(d) Acne (iv) Sexually transmitted disease
(e) Virus (v) Leishmania

What are the factors of variety improvement?

Factors for improvement of crop variety are:

  • Higher yield.
  • Improved quality.
  • Biotic and abiotic resistance.
  • Change in maturity duration.
  • Wider adaptability.

Why do we need improvement in food?

1) To improve the quality and nutritional value of food. 2) To increase the yield of crops. 3) To make the food products and crops free from diseases and pests. 4) To reduces the cost of the food products and increase their availability.

How does Green Revolution affect the environment?

Loss of soil fertility, erosion of soil, soil toxicity, diminishing water resources, pollution of underground water, salinity of underground water, increased incidence of human and livestock diseases and global warming are some of the negative impacts of over adoption of agricultural technologies by the farmers to make …

Why do we fall ill Ncert?

One group of causes is the infectious agents, mostly microbes or micro-organisms. Diseases where microbes are the immediate causes are called infectious diseases. This is because the microbes can spread in the community, and the diseases they cause will spread with them.

How do we fall ill Mcq?

Why do we fall ill-MCQDownload now

  • Larynx is called.
  • The disease that affects our lungs is.
  • The BCG vaccine is given for the immunity against.
  • Malaria is caused due to.
  • Plasmodium is an example of.
  • Diarrhea, cholera, typhoid are the diseases that have one thing in common that is.
  • The bacteria among the following is.

Why do we fall ill answers?

Answer: We are advised to take bland and nourishing food when we are sick because our body needs energy to release cells to overcome the infection, the wear and tear of body organ. No spices in the food makes its digestion process faster, does not release acids in the body that can interfere in the treatment and cure.

Do all diseases spread to people coming in contact with a sick person?

Some — but not all — infectious diseases spread directly from one person to another. Infectious diseases that spread from person to person are said to be contagious. Some infections spread to people from an animal or insect, but are not contagious from another human.

What are the principles of treatment?

Kill the cause of the disease: Use medicines that can kill the pathogens. Each microbe undergoes some specific biochemical life process which helps them to survive. The intake of certain drugs that block these biochemical processes can help in killing the microorganism causing the disease.