What is feminist Frequency?

What is feminist Frequency?

Feminist Frequency is a web video project by Anita Sarkeesian. It is a blog and a series of videos about feminist topics. Sarkeesian is presently working full time to produce videos outlining tropes about women in computer gaming.

What happened to feminist frequency?

Women in Video Games series ended with its final episode, “The Lady Sidekick”, posted on April 27, 2017. Sarkeesian announced that Feminist Frequency would produce another series. In March 2019, Feminist Frequency returned with a three part miniseries on Queer Tropes in Video Games that is similar to Tropes vs.

When did Feminist Frequency start?

Sarkeesian launched her website Feminist Frequency in 2009, while a student at York University. She created the site in an effort to create accessible feminist media criticism.

What is Feminist Frequency?

She is the founder of Feminist Frequency, a website that hosts videos and commentary analyzing portrayals of women in popular culture. She has received particular attention for her video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which examines tropes in the depiction of female video game characters.

What do you think about Feminist Frequency’s Anita Anita?

Only the gigantic hula hoops hanging from her ears remain the same. Feminist Frequency’s videos typically consist of Anita taking (mostly stolen) footage from video games, showing it out of context and criticizing it using her limited understanding of feminism. Since she isn’t actually a feminist, she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Does Feminist Frequency have a place in the video game industry?

Colin Campbell writes at Polygon that Feminist Frequency has had a demonstrable effect on the games industry, stating, “video games have seen a rise in the number of positive women and minority protagonists and a decrease in the tropes [Sarkeesian] discusses” since the launch of the project.

What is Encyclopaedia Dramatica?

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